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Patch Tomb Raider 2013 Arabic PC Game REPACK

The Windows version received a post-launch update in March 2019 that added support for ray traced shadows and DLSS 1.0.[4] Around the end of 2021, around one-and-a-half year after the last patch released, several patches were released upgrading the DLSS implementation to to the significantly improved version Additionally an improved shadow denoiser for ray traced shadows, improved ray traced shadows on higher settings, fixes for compatibility issues with Intel GPU-hardware, updated multiplayer infrastructure to use Epic Online Services (without the need for an Epic account), removed Denuvo from the game, and several bug- and crash-fixes were implemented.[5] In September 2022, another update was released for the game, introducing support for XeSS.[6]

patch tomb raider 2013 arabic PC game

Lara travels through the soviet installation, discovering that Trinity have established an outpost there and have been torturing locals to gather information. She sneaks into the area dispatching Trinity's thugs and acquires a pistol. She encounters a native who tells her they have someone imprisoned. Lara presses on and sees Konstantin, the man from the tomb in Syria, is in command. He proceeds to gouge out the eyes of one of his own men for failing him. He is radioed about the capture of the leader of the inhabitants of the area. He tells his men that they must remain strong in order to achieve their goal and obtain the Divine Source. Lara kills the rest of Trinity's forces and makes her way outside, wanting to find Konstantin and his prisoner in an attempt to gain some information. Making her way to the old soviet Gulag, Lara offers her assistance to the locals, freeing several of them and helping them find a safe place to rest. Lara finds Konstantin in a dilapidated church, and overhears a part of his conversation with someone on the radio, he assures them that he will not fail. Suddenly a sentry finds her, before she can flee she is knocked unconscious by another and taken to the old Gulag.

Lara falls into the area where Konstantin crashed where she dispatches several of the Deathless and proceeds forward. She spots an exit through the wreckage of Konstantin's chopper, however, Konstantin has survived and takes her weapons. Lara engages in a game of cat and mouse, managing to get in close and use her axes to injure Konstantin before stabbing her knife to his chest. Konstantin is in disbelief that Lara had beat him. Lara tells him that Ana had manipulated him and that he was never truly chosen. Konstantin is shattered by this revelation. A sudden rumbling causes Lara to press on, though Konstantin demands she not walk away from him. He claims that Lara's father did not commit suicide, but was in fact murdered by Trinity, mocking her.

In Tomb Raider 2013 game, Lara wears a blue tank top over a white one, with tan cargo pants and dark boots. As the game progresses, her clothes begin to show some wear and tear, and her upper-body becomes more and more scarred, as a result of her experiences on the island. Her previously blue tank top appears to become grey with dirt.

I know how to change the language on a pirate in the game folder there are 3 files patch_ENGLISH.000.tiger title_ENGLISH.000.tiger bigfile_ENGLISH.000.tiger instead of ENGLISH write RUSSIAN and all sound changes to Russian

This happened after installing the patch - the voice acting is Russian, and the credits are English. If there is a SKIDROW.ini file in the game folder, open it with notepad and type russian instead of english.


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