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The Bird And The Bee Discography Rar EXCLUSIVE

For the Birds: The Birdsong Project is a historic and unprecedented outpouring of creativity by more than 220 music artists, actors, literary figures, and visual artists, all coming together to celebrate the joy birds bring to our lives and elevate the message they have for us about the environmental threats we all face. Audubon is delighted to be a beneficiary of The Birdsong Project, which was produced by Grammy Award-winning music supervisor Randall Poster. Original music, artwork, and poetry performances are available on digital streaming platforms and as a limited-edition LP box set. All proceeds will benefit Audubon's mission to protect birds and the places they need.

The Bird And The Bee Discography Rar

Colorful birds: Among terrestrial animals, birds are probably the most colorful in terms of physical appearance. As expected, the spectacular display of various colors and patterns shown by different bird species is significant because birds themselves can recognize colors.Table of Contents

Regarding physical appearance, most bird exhibit sexual dimorphism, a trait wherein males are highly distinguishable from females. Males seem to be more colourful and more dazzling than females for one apparent reason: to attract females during mating.

A) On one hand, colorful feathers are brought about by various pigments produced by birds. Such pigments are melanin, carotenoid, and porphyrin. The pigment melanin produces colors ranging from pale yellow to reddish-brown to the darkest black. The pigment carotenoid produces colors ranging from bright yellow to orangish-yellow. For instance, the interaction of the pigments melanin and carotenoid produces an olive-green color. Lastly, the pigment porphyrin produces various colors such as brown, bright red, pink, and green.

B) On the other hand, bird feather colors are produced by the structure of the feathers themselves. Meaning, instead of the pigments, colors are made when the light gets refracted by the proteins found in the feathers. Three structural feathers exist namely:

Classy, neotropical, and colorful, the Paradise Tanager is really living up to its name. This bird, widely distributed in the tropical forests of the Amazon in South America, is small yet very colorful with its bright apple green head, yellow or red rump (depending on species), and a blue abdomen.

Also known as Masked lovebirds, yellow collared lovebirds are small colorful birds which are generally green in appearance (although upper parts are darker). In addition to that, they have black-colored heads and white eyerings, and very bright red beaks.

Coming from the Family Ramphastidae (Toucans), this bird is considered as one of the most colorful yet strangest looking bird in the world. This bird is characterized by having yellow underparts, red back, dark green wings, and a very colorful beak.

Our next colorful bird is the beautiful Scarlet-chested parrot (aka scarlet-breasted parrot). These colorful birds are endemic to Southern Central Australia and some parts of Southern Western Australia.

Last but definitely not the least is the Bird-of-Paradise, which is not to be confused with the Birds of Paradise plant. Most Bird-of-Paradise birds are distributed in Papua New Guinea, Australia, and Eastern Indonesia.

While these colorful birds are absolutely spectacular, some of them becoming endangered even in their native habitats. Due to their colorful and unique plumage, they have become a target for many hunters in the forest. Another major threat to these birds is the loss of habitats due to the deforestation and the environment in general.

Hi the bird named Splendid Fairywren is infact a Superb FairywrenThe Splendid fairywren has much more blue than the Splendid FairywrenThe Splendid fairy wren is the Malurus splendens but the Splendid Fairywren (the one shown) is the Malurus cyaneusBoth are truly beautiful birds and deserve to be in the listNot trying to be picky just correctRegardsMartin

Even looking at these photographs will simply make our mouth agape with awe. To appreciate their beauty we need not be a avid bird watcher. Yes, there are some ideal places in the world to watch those most beautiful bird that are dripping with colors and feathers. For further read: -to-watch-the-5-most-beautiful-bird-in-the-world/

Woooww i really enjoyed the article, its so amazing . It reminds me the time i went to Kruger National Park . I was surprised to hear that there are about 10 000 different species of birds. Its so cool. You can check Kruger National Park out guys The trip advisers where so helpful as well, they seemed so knowledgeable, you can check out Iconic Africa trip advisers as well

Ivor Cutler's final album for Virgin Records, 1976's Jammy Smears, is one of the best releases of his career. Kicking off with the jazzy piano tune "Bicarbonate of Chicken," a funny and bizarre dialogue with a waiter, the album runs through 31 brief songs, poems, and surreal short stories like the hilarious "Big Jim." About evenly split between recitations and songs like the catchy shaggy dog story "Barabadabada" and the oddly philosophical "Everybody Got," Jammy Smears features more of Cutler's piano playing than any of his albums other than 1967's jazz trio album Ludo. His trademark droning harmonium makes only a small handful of appearances. As on its predecessor, 1975's Velvet Donkey, Cutler's friend Phyllis April King reads five of her own poems and a short story, "The Wasted Call," on Jammy Smears, all of them based on life in and around a cottage in Dorset. Because most of Cutler's pieces this time out share the rural theme, with an episode of his ongoing Life in a Scotch Sitting Room, Volume Two centered around a family walk in the country and several poems and stories about birds, bugs, and other wildlife, King's contributions are much more smoothly integrated with the whole than they had been on Velvet Donkey. Cutler's usual morbid obsessions crop up infrequently, making Jammy Smears one of his sunniest and most playful albums.


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