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Tanita Tikaram - The Best Of

The Best of Tanita Tikaram sums up the singer/songwriter's first five albums, with a little too much emphasis on material from Lovers in the City and Eleven Kinds of Loneliness, and not enough from Everybody's Angel and Sweet Keeper (only one song from each album made it onto this set). Still, this is a lovely collection from start to finish, and showcases Tanita Tikaram as a singer who deserves much more attention than she has received. The album contains all of her U.K. hit singles, including four from her stellar debut, Ancient Heart, among those the sublime "Twist in My Sobriety," easily one of the greatest songs to have come out of the 1980s (an additional dance remix of that song closes out the album). Other highlights include the astounding, heartbreaking "Only the Ones We Love" (quite possibly the best song on this collection), the Phil Spector-ish "You Make the Whole World Cry," and the haunting "I Might Be Crying." Another definite standout is this album's only new recording (and the only cover), which is her version of "And I Think of You" (originally titled "E Penso a Te"). One only wishes other tracks, such as "We Almost Got It Together" and "Valentine Heart," were accounted for as opposed to so much material from her otherwise fine album Lovers in the City. Tikaram, with her heartbroken, world-weary, smoky voice, is in a league all her own and, because of her early start in the recording business, will hopefully have enough material to some day warrant a best-of volume two.

Tanita Tikaram - The Best Of

It remains her best known song, having become something of a standard in the years since, and covered most famously of course by Liza Minnelli on her astonishingly good, Pet Shop Boys-produced album Results.

Tanita Tikaram has always operated somewhat outside of the mainstream, and to be honest those two big hits early in her career have been something of an albatross around her neck. The fact that the music press has been almost unfailingly critical of her says a lot about how we treat our best pop stars. It was no surprise she upped and moved to the continent, where she has been very successful ever since, thank you. 041b061a72


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