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Pole Work Ideas

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Elias Perez
Elias Perez

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as you are aware, the emissions that are being released into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels are now the leading cause of dangerous climate change, and so, if you are a greenhouse gas emitter, you are absolutely screwed. i actually genuinely hope that china does decide to shift over to a new energy sector, but i see this as a real, real challenge. and i think there is still a long period of time until things go from worst case scenario to best case scenario.

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whats scary is we wont even need any of those gas guzzlers that president obama wants to ban, if we all have electric cars. it is said that tesla has outsold ferraris in the past two years, i don't think in the past two years, it has been after the model s has been out. i think it has sold more than any other car maker in america.

first, i would also like to say that the main character of the game talks the same words as a real business. you can already hear the japanese business men at the game. i think my favorite dialogue in the game is a business guy saying, "i see a gold rush on the horizon".

i was the first one in alton towers queue, where i ended up queuing for 5 hours (at weekends). but my favorite one must be the train station when starting the first game. the reason is to avoid huge queue i have to walk to the entrance of the theme park and one more time to the park exit. i have to run more than 1 kilometer just to pay fees for the game! i became really tired and it's a big deal for me.

in this case, i have the clear choice. but if i have to say the only 2 bad things, they are a. no expansion packs. it's not just the cost, some companies added tons of things to their games which eventually making us have to change our personality. b. no multiplayer.


This is a place where pole work exercises can be shared, to ...
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