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Time Crisis 3 LINK

Alan and Wesley confront Zott inside the main dome and shoot him dead, but not before he initiates the launch. Using rocket launchers, the two destroy the dome's roof, causing it to cave in and destroy the missiles. Around the same time after Alicia rejoins her brother, the V.S.S.E. agents manage to escape the dome safely.

Time Crisis 3


More subtle than the addition of some new guns is the game's expanded use of scripted events. The Time Crisis games have always made good use of explosions, falling rocks, and other corporeal hazards to spice up the sometimes-predictable process of shooting bad guys as they slide out of doorways and pop up behind rocks, but Time Crisis 3 takes it to another level. There are some great set pieces where the environment around you changes dramatically, creating some thrilling action-movie moments. Take, for example, one sequence that puts you on a train while fighting guys with guns and ninjas--which, in and of itself, isn't that amazing. But, as the train crosses a bridge, a rocket blows the bridge out from underneath the train, leaving much of the train, including the part you're on, dangling over the river, hundreds of feet below. Now, you have to climb your way up to the bridge, dodging the bullets and loose containers. The game is peppered with great sequences like this, including an homage to Time Crisis 2 that replaces boats with jeeps, and it's this sort of inventive, enthusiastic level design that puts Time Crisis 3 head and shoulders above most other rail-based shooters.

Staying true to its arcade roots, Time Crisis 3 is very short--if you know what you're doing, you can blow through the story mode in under an hour. Though, the first time you pick up the game, it's highly unlikely that you'll get that far, thanks to the game's inherent difficulty, as well as its brutal credit system, which limits the initial number of continues you'll have. As you replay the game, you're gradually granted additional continues, making it easier to actually finish the game. It sort of artificially extends the length of the game, but the game is legitimately engaging enough that replaying the game is not only excusable, it's actually rather fun. You can also play the game in a two-player split-screen mode, though due to the letterbox presentation of the split-screen, you'll need a pretty big TV to really get a good sense of what exactly is going on.

i like that video game music soundtrack. it reminds me of the original anime sony ps2 and arcade video game music soundtrack of: namco's time crisis 3 (anime sony ps2 and arcade video game music album soundtrack).

The game also plays pretty much identically to any previous Time Crisis, with one major exception - the weapon switch system. As before, you start off ducked down behind cover, and have to hit the action button to poke your head over before you can fire at your target. But this time, while you're in the duck position you can now cycle through your weapons inventory by tapping the trigger, making the game much more strategic as you try and save your best weapons for when you really need them.

As with all Namco shooters, the more you play it the more you're rewarded. As you plough headlong into the story mode, good performances will gain you an extra continue. At first you only have three, and even on the easiest settings you'll barely make it through the first couple of areas. With repeated play, and some knowledge of where the baddies are going to appear, you find yourself improving every time, and with a stock of continues you can slowing start to unlock each stage, and then eventually more lives, which in turn makes the continues worth more.

Strangely, the continual repetition of playing through the same levels over and over again doesn't really wane for some time. Each and every time we played it, we improved our game a tiny bit more, and coming through a previously shockingly hard section intact delivers a satisfying quick fix experience that many of today's games can't hold a candle to.

Disappointingly though, the visuals don't exactly make the PS2 sweat, with some alarmingly basic texturing at times and pretty lazy scenery. It's the one small point that lets down an otherwise glossy package, although this no doubt has a lot to do with it the fact that the original arcade version was designed this way.

This page contains co-op info for Time Crisis 3 on the Playstation 2. All information about Time Crisis 3 was correct at the time of posting. Information is subject to change. If you see any errors please email us.

Time Crisis 3 Developer: Namco Publisher: Namco Type: Shooter MSRP: $39.99 Players: 1 - 2Available: Q4 2003 Namco vs. Sega. One company is the creator of Pac-Man, the first icon of the video game industry. The other company is responsible for Outrun and Virtua Fighter, two of the most influential series ever. In the past these two companies have locked horns more times than anyone can remember, whether it be over fighting games or racing games. One genre that they've also competed in has been the light gun genre. While Sega has won critical acclaim with their Virtua Cop series, Namco has also garnered a lot of popularity with Time Crisis. Featuring a revolutionary pedal that allowed the player to reload and dodge enemy fire at the same time, Time Crisis has been a fan favourite for years. With the first two games in the series appearing on the PSOne and PS2, it was only a matter time before the latest installment made the transition from the arcades to console. Time Crisis 3 puts you in the role of two VSSE elite agents as you battle the Zagorias Federation, who have taken over a small country by the name of Lukano. With the help of a beautiful resistance fighter (isn't that always the case?) you set out to take down the federation and bring liberty to Lukano. Time Crisis: This Time It's Personal? Not quite, but why does an involving storyline matter when you're just blowing up crap anyway?So I'm sure you're wondering, "what makes Time Crisis 3 any different from the first two?" The biggest change to the game is the new Weapon Select System, which allows you to use four weapons at a time in every mission. You have access to your handgun (unlimited ammo), machine gun, shotgun and grenade launcher. Although you start off with a limited number of ammo for the three other weapons, you can pick up more by shooting down specific enemies. In the very early build that we had a chance to get our hands on, the game starts off with our heroes lounging around on their yacht until the Zagorias Federation guards spot them. With a little handiwork and a couple of jet skies, our heroes are able to make a slick getaway into the action, which goes from the shorelines to the trenches in a matter of minutes. Once you have taken out the forces outside, you'll have to do some quick thinking inside a giant cargo ship, all the while a madman with an arsenal of missiles wrecks havoc outside.Although Time Crisis 3 was made on Namco's System 246 arcade board (which is similar to the PS2 hardware), don't expect a lot of graphical improvements over Time Crisis 2. In fact, both games look very similar visually. At this point it's unknown if Namco will enhance the game in a visual manner before release.With Virtua Cop 3 still available in select arcades in North America, Time Crisis 3 has taken up the spot of top light gun game in the arcades. Whether that translates to success on the home console remains to be seen. Given the pedigree of the first two games, it seems like a sure bet that Namco's latest battle with Sega will be one that will leave gamers satisfied yet again. Reno

Time Crisis 3 for the arcade and Playstation 2 is a on-rails light gun based arcade game. It is the first out of the series to offer a weapons system that allows for the player to switch weapons within a firefight, and also for the first time of the home versions of Time Crisis, an additional story mode, following the character of Alicia Winston and offers her perspective of the story of Time Crisis 3. The game can be played with either a standard controller or the light guns G-Con or G-Con2, and offers two player co-operative mode on Arcade Mode, either on the same console via split-screen or two different consoles using a system link cable.

Whilst retaining the same duck mechanic point and shoot systems that Time Crisis is known for, for the first time in a Time Crisis series players are free to select which weapon they want to use to tackle different scenarios within the game. They are -

The player for the first time, will be required to shoot a higher variety of vehicles then any other Time Crisis game. The popular videogame enemy that is the aircraft makes an appearance, as well as other vehicles such as jeeps.

After Victor is defeated, he dies while still firing his mini-gun, shooting the plane in the process, in which it explodes. Alicia introduces herself to the agents, as they make their way to the main city to catch a train to the Zagorias Federation base where her brother, and the missiles are being held. However once again, resistance has caught up to them as Alan and Wesley are split apart from Alicia. Both groups agree to meet at the train station at a specific time.

During this time, Alicia finds the second leader of the Lukano Liberation Army, Jake Hernandez. She is relived to find him safe, and asks where her brother is. However Jake pulls a gun on her, revealing his true nature to her, that he is in fact, a traitor. He reveals that he double-crossed Alicia's brother, Daniel, for money by the Zagorias Federation and will get a bonus payment for capturing Alicia. She skilfully evades Jake, and chases him down but eventually loses him. 041b061a72


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