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[S2E1] Cargo

But their plan to hide out until they can make a clean escape from the authorities gets more complicated when one of the shady guys Frenchie's been working shows up seriously injured, and what happened to him ends up creating a whole new problem: Turns out Frenchie has been unknowingly assisting in some human trafficking, and one of the people brought into the country on a cargo ship had enough super-juice to cause some serious damage.

[S2E1] Cargo

Kirsten was a young woman, daughter of a cargo ship captain, who was brought along on the trip solely for the purpose of sexually servicing the crew. Her father told her that there is "no fighting on a ship when the men have a woman they can go to for relief". Because her father never let her run out of condoms, and because she was heavy-set, Kirsten did not know she was pregnant until the nurses came and confirmed it.

After Constable Noakes gets a call that a woman is in labour aboard a Swedish Cargo ship, he calls Nonnatus House and informs Chummy of what was reported. Knowing that women are not permitted on cargo ships, and wary that it may be a trap to lure a defenseless woman aboard a ship full of men, Peter informs Chummy not to send Trixie on her own to the ship.

The USS Enterprise-D is in the midst of a rendezvous with the USS Repulse. As a Repulse shuttle leaves the Enterprise's hangar bay, Commander Riker contacts the Repulse and says they are on their way. The Repulse's command officer acknowledges and asks that Riker give his regards to his captain. Riker then goes to report to Captain Picard's ready room, where the ship's new chief engineer, Geordi La Forge, explains to both Picard and Riker about the containment module he's constructing in one of the ship's cargo bays. The containment module is to hold dangerous specimens of plasma plague that the Enterprise is going to be transferring for research to the Rachelis system in the hopes of developing an antidote.

La Forge is having trouble isolating the problem with the containment. One of the specimens is now showing growth. Riker, Data, and Dr. Pulaski all converge on the cargo bay. They cannot release the module or else they will risk the plague growing into a spore until it hits a planet or another ship, which they cannot allow. La Forge is showing all the right environmental settings for the containment, and sensor malfunctions don't seem to be the problem. Studying the etiology report for the virus, Dr. Pulaski discovers it was a mutated strain developed by a Dr. Susan Nuress during an outbreak of plasma plague in the Oby system. She also uncovers that it was bombarded by Eichner radiation. She speculates that this particular radiation could be the reason for the virus' growth. However, they rule out known sources.

The group then reach the assigned planet and discover that the city was already in ruins. The empire has already reached Dooku's residence and begun pillaging it. They devise a plan and move on to execute their mission. Wrecker, Echo, Techno, and Omega stealth their way into the cargo while Hunter tries to distract the troopers.

Wrecker heads out with a chest, but Echo, Techno, and Omega get trapped in the ship. Hunter and Wrecker manage to get to the cargo ship that was taking off and even shoot a couple of troopers. They let go of the ship and land on the castle. Inside the ship, Echo, Techno, and Omega battle more troopers.

Omega suggests to Techno that they could flee using the escape pod but the ship commander releases the pod even before our heroes can get to them. Omega then suggests that they could escape in a cargo container. Her knowledge impresses Techno and the group proceeds to flee.

While Hunter and Wrecker are still battling the troopers in the castle, the trio inside the cargo container get thrown into the air. The re-entry boosters still hadn't fired and the episode ends on a cliffhanger with the group struggling to make it out alive.

Location #3: Still in the port. Look for a big stack of cargo containers in between two buildings: drop down to the middle of these containers to find a campfire and some chairs concealed in the middle. The campfire is your intel.

Welcome to Season 3 of PROS Travel Podcast, The View from 30,000ft. In this first episode of Season 3, we explore the ins and outs of air cargo. What does the future hold for the industry as we aim for recovery from the pandemic, and will cargo become a sustainable, alternative revenue source for airlines?

Twitter has been struggling lately over the debate on whether cargo shorts are ever acceptable to wear, for any reason. While some claimed that they always look silly, and should be compared to clothing choices like Crocs or socks-and-sandals, many men came to the defense of the functional, multi-pocketed shorts. 041b061a72


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