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Pole Work Ideas

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Elias Perez
Elias Perez

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the liberal crack-up is such hilarious fun to read that it leaves one with no desire to criticize its basic acceptance of the idea that special laws were necessary to save us way back in the nineteen thirties. nevertheless, as a more doctrinaire libertarian than tyrrell, i feel duty-bound to point out that the liberal crack-up was an inevitable legacy of the older rooseveltian and kennedyesque fabianism. there was a whole group of libertarians in the britain of the eighteen eighties who accurately predicted what would happen if the voters were to accept the state welfarist philosophy that was being promulgated by bernard shaw, h. g. wells and sidney and beatrice webb. the idea that socialism would founder because it would fail to solve the problem of calculation without a free market system (including private property) was known in the eighties. this was some thirty years before ludwig von mises had worked it out in detail.

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This is a place where pole work exercises can be shared, to ...
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