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Grooming Manual For The Dog And Cat

Grooms work at stables, caring for horses and maintaining equipment. Responsibilities include feeding, grooming, and exercising horses; cleaning stalls; polishing saddles; and organizing the tack room, which stores harnesses, saddles, and bridles. Experienced grooms sometimes help train horses.

Grooming Manual for the Dog and Cat

Kennel attendants care for pets, often overnight, in place of owners. They clean cages and dog runs and feed, exercise, and play with animals. Experienced attendants also may provide basic healthcare, bathe animals, and attend to other basic grooming needs.

With those concerns in mind, Andrew and Mark founded Healthy Spot to pioneer a better option for grooming services so that pet parents can feel confident that their pet is safe and comfortable throughout their salon experience. For more than 13 years, Healthy Spot has sought not only to provide pets with best-in-class, compassionate care, but also to elevate the standard of safety and accountability across the grooming industry.

At Healthy Spot, we have worked tirelessly to develop a comprehensive safety protocol and training program. We are committed to ensuring that every dog is treated to a safe and healthful grooming session by compassionate and skilled professionals - every time they step their paws into our salons.

Our all-encompassing, hands-on grooming training program includes six months of instruction under a qualified and caring grooming instructor, equaling approximately 1,000 hours of training. Our grooming instructors include multiple international award-winning groomers, master-certified groomers and a Groom Team gold medalist contest judge. Our training program topics include, but are not limited to:

Safety, procedural and technical training for all grooming team members is led by a collaborative team of nine leaders from different specialized disciplines. Our team of trainers is comprised of certified master groomers, grooming instructors, a senior operational expert, and a certified dog trainer. We work with industry leaders to ensure a safe, compassionate, relaxing experience for the pets entrusted in our care.

Every Healthy Spot grooming salon is monitored to ensure all team members follow safe handling procedures. Our team of experts regularly audit our services and operations to confirm compliance with our strict safety policies and best practices.

We provide extensive training in the use of brushes, combs, dematters, and other tools commonly used during grooming. When in the salon, team members are monitored to ensure stringent safety guidelines are followed while operating any of these tools. Elevating the standard of care across our industry starts by ensuring that every member of our team is well trained in the use and upkeep of standard grooming tools.

We never use heated kennel drying. The use of heated kennel dryers is one of the leading causes of heatstroke and pet death in the grooming industry. From day one, Healthy Spot does not use heated kennel dryers in any of our locations.

We are extremely proud of the industry-leading standards we have implemented since Healthy Spot opened our salon doors in 2008, and are even more grateful for the hundreds of thousands of pet parents that have entrusted us with their pets grooming needs.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns about our Grooming Salon or grooming safety protocols, please contact We appreciate the opportunity to offer our high-quality grooming services to your family.

Interested in learning to become a groomer or want to advance your grooming technique? We offer best-in-class grooming instruction at our own Grooming Styling Academy, where you can begin or enhance your grooming career. Learn more here.

The Pet Mahal Salon, Spa and Resort, in North Charleston, South Carolina is a full-service facility specializing in pet boarding, doggie daycare and the bath portion of grooming. We do NOT do clipper or scissor work. Your pets will love the luxurious accommodations topped off with gentle words and loving attention while feeling secure, happy and at home. As parents, you will love the comfort of knowing that there are experienced caregivers with them daily. We offer the best in affordable luxury boarding, allowing your pets to feel like they are on vacation too. Spacious private suites ensure your best friends are more than comfortable during their stay with us. All suites are equipped with top quality raised beds along with plush bedding. Their stay includes lots of outdoor & indoor play, attention, treats and soothing sleep music with fans.

Abstract: Avian patients are presented commonly to veterinarians for preventive and disease-induced care. Physical examinations commonly are used to assess the overall patient, but this requires manual restraint, which often leads to increased stress and subsequent deleterious effects. To develop a noninvasive evaluation of the stress response in cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus), we evaluated the behavior of 26 juvenile cockatiels during their normal daily routine and after an acute stressful event (manual restraint and physical examination). Nonstressed behavior budgets were established by performing quantitative ethograms using 10-minute focal animal sampling methods with point samples recorded every 5 seconds. The ethograms then were repeated after a > 10-minute restraint period for physical examination and venipuncture. Plasma corticosterone levels at baseline (10 minutes) were compared to accompanying behaviors. Plasma corticosterone levels significantly increased after restraint. Overall, reactionary behaviors and inactivity increased, while locomotion, feeding, interaction with the environment, and displays of aggression decreased in the stressed birds. Maintenance behaviors were not significantly different before and after restraint, but the subjective character changed, with stressed birds displaying an increase in behaviors that were short in duration with minimal decrease in vigilance. Our results will be helpful to develop a method of quantifying stress in companion avian patients by using behavioral indicators. However, further study into specific behaviors of significance is needed. 041b061a72


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