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Gandhi's Murderer: Nathuram Godse's Final Address to the Court

however, in his book, godse rejects this interpretation of his role in the assassination. he wrote: i ask you why in the cases of all the witnesses put forward by the government of india to prove that i belong to the rss and that the rss instigated me to kill gandhiji, except the usual one (v.d. savarkar) everyone has testified to the effect that i was not an rss member. therefore, the government of india can have no reason for putting forward the testimony of the usual witness. (godse, p.14).

Why I Killed Gandhi By Nathuram Godse.epub

the government of india had not accepted godse statements about savarkar. it believed that the evidence of savarkar's involvement was incontrovertible. and it had good reasons to believe that savarkar was indeed in league with the assassin. for example, in july 1948, the government of india had received a letter from the east indian railway official giridhar rao stating that savarkar had told him that in order to kill gandhi, his followers would use any available means. godse admitted that he was present in the meeting with savarkar. he wrote: after that meeting, i realised that it was a declaration of war by savarkar against gandhi. the government of india had confirmed that the letter was genuine.

however, godse deposition made in the supreme court, the post-trial statements of several witnesses including those of godes accomplices, appa ramachandra kasar, gajanan vishnu damle, and his secretary gajanan sharad chaturvedi and the minutes of the trial proceedings were invaluable in piecing together the story of the case. the best source of information on the trial was the book the trial of nathuram godse by louis fischer which was published in 1952.


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