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Buy Plastic Shoe Rack Online

Over-the-door racks can be problematic, but if you have limited floor space, a hanging rack may be your best bet. Our experts strongly disliked the flimsiness of over-the-door racks and their tendency to make it difficult to use the door, but we also spoke to several Wirecutter staffers with kids, who praised these racks as a great way to keep shoes up and away from small hands. These racks also tend to be very inexpensive, so if you need a temporary, disposable storage option, a door rack could work just fine.

buy plastic shoe rack online

You can find lots of other shoe-storage styles, including shoe trees, rolling racks, and under-the-bed storage, but after much research and many conversations with our experts, we concluded that none of those options made sense for our purposes. We also considered adding a section on installed shelving systems, such as the Elfa line at The Container Store or Closetmaid Impressions, but we opted to focus on more portable, flexible shoe-storage options in this guide.

Stability: We wanted to find storage options that could handle the commotion of a regular household and hold up when jostled or bumped. When we scoured reviews, the number one owner complaint we noticed had to do with flimsy, wobbly racks that dumped shoes on the floor.

Ease of assembly: It was important to us that a shoe rack be easy to put together, so we aimed to find models that came with clear directions, needed few or no extra tools to assemble, and included good-quality, well-labeled parts. During testing we especially appreciated extra touches like predrilled guide holes to help us easily find the right place for a screw, and racks that came with the tools we needed for assembly.

We looked at a variety of rack styles and read hundreds of reviews on the sites of Amazon, The Container Store, Home Depot, Overstock, and many others. We then researched more than 50 promising shoe racks before narrowing the field to our testing group of 15. In 2021, Katie Okamoto also tested three additional shoe racks from two companies that advertise widely on Instagram.

Jennifer Hunter, the original author of this guide, used to own two Seville racks and said they looked brand new, even after a move. She said they were sturdy enough for heavy moving boxes and belt sanders, as well as shoes.

In true IKEA fashion, the instructions consisted of a series of pictures, which were clear and (for the most part) easy to follow. The parts were well-labeled and the technique was mostly intuitive. We ran into a snag when it came time to insert the shoe drawers into our assembled cabinet, as that step was somewhat unclear in the instructions; it took a helpful YouTube video to get us back on track. We finished the entire project in about 45 minutes, which seemed like a miracle after we spent two hours assembling our other shoe-cabinet contender, the Baxton Studio Simms.

In a notoriously bad category, the Whitmor 36 Pair Over the Door Shoe Rack manages to shine. It avoids many of the usual pitfalls that people hate about hanging racks, and it holds more shoes than any of our other picks.

The Baxton Studio Simms Shoe Cabinet was the most expensive model we tested, and we were hoping to find a gem, but this cabinet-style rack was a nightmare to assemble. The directions were unclear, the parts weren't well-labeled, and we had to backtrack and undo work in order to complete certain steps. It took our team of two people nearly two hours to complete the job. The finished product looks very nice and the drawers pivot smoothly, but we expect the flimsy plastic hinges to break quickly.

The Honey-Can-Do 24-Pocket Over-The-Door Closet Organizer had all the problems inherent to the over-the-door style, but it was the best fabric hanging rack we found. The bamboo panel looks nice and helps a bit to keep the panel flat against the door, the hooks fit a standard door securely, and the canvas is good quality. As with most hanging racks, the pockets fit only one shoe each and tend to sag, but if you have lots of kids shoes to get up off the floor (each pocket fits a pair of toddler-sized shoes), this model would be a good budget option.

A plastic shoe rack is a versatile and affordable option for those looking to store their shoes in a neat and organized way. Looking at all the clutter left behind when you were trying on the perfect heels with your gorgeous dress? Or the sea of shoes, sandals, and slippers when guests are over? Wooden Street has a wide variety of Plastic Shoe Racks online to rid you of all your problems. Made from durable plastic materials, these racks can hold multiple pairs of shoes and can be easily placed in a closet or entryway. If you need a simple, elegant, and mess-free way of dealing with all of that, a plastic shoe rack is perfect for you. You can simply just stow all the footwear in them till you require them later. Browse through our amazing collection of plastic chappal stands. Happy Shopping!

Buying a wooden or a metal shoe stand can get out of budget. So, if you are not willing to spend on a solid wood shoe rack, or a metal chappal stand- a plastic shoe rack online lowest price is a safe bet.

Every plastic shoe rack from our collection comes with easy installation. But for intricate pieces, a guide book will be provided. And for professional installation our team would be at your doorstep to provide expert help for free. 041b061a72


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