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harry's adventure with the muggles continued and by november they had visited madame pomfrey and received their hogwarts letter. they then moved into hogsmeade where harry was reunited with his parents for the first time since his sixth year. also in november, due to the increasing number of attacks by voldemort's death eaters upon the muggle community, the government passed the anti-muggle protection act, making it a crime to assist a muggle in any way. the death eaters quickly moved to isolate the muggle population, and the ministry of magic took up the task of enforcing the new law. the death eaters were always looking for muggle-born witches and wizards who had been so-called "underground" for over a year, and the ministry had no idea that harry was an "underground" muggle-born, or that he had been attending a wizarding school, just that he had not been reported as an illegal muggle-born for over a year. the ministry issued a warrant for harry's arrest.

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harry received a letter telling him that his godfather, remus lupin, was leaving the castle. he learned that voldemort had taken the stone, and was now the most powerful wizard in the world. he also learned that james and lily potter had been murdered by voldemort. when dumbledore arrived at his home, he told harry that the prophecy about a "boy who was destined to die at the hand of his father" had been fulfilled, and harry was now the only remaining direct descendant of the founder of the wizarding world. dumbledore then gave harry a letter from godric gryffindor, telling harry that he had been forced to leave his family and friends behind. dumbledore then took harry to the chamber of secrets where he asked him to destroy the locket, believing that if it were destroyed, voldemort would not have the stone, and thus he would have no power, but would not be immortal. however, harry believed that the prophecy meant that he was supposed to return the stone to voldemort, allowing him to become the next dark lord, and he used the stone to cast a confundus charm on the locket to change the prophecy to say "he will live, but he will not live.". harry also asked dumbledore what he thought the prophecy meant. the answer harry got was "you are the heir of slytherin."


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