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Vanessa Hell

Last night I watched Brokeback Mountain for the first time ever, and fucking hell I was not prepared! I\u2019m not a big movie person so I haven\u2019t seen a lot of classics, and while you\u2019d think the general vibe of \u201Cgay\u201D and \u201Csad\u201D and \u201Ccowboys\u201D and \u201Cmountains\u201D would\u2019ve convinced me to make an exception for this film, you would be wrong.

vanessa hell

In 2019 at Tin House Summer Workshop, Michelle Tea taught me that to be a writer is to grow up in public, but when we had lunch together in LA just a few weeks ago, she told me that as she\u2019s gotten older she\u2019s become more careful about what she chooses to write about, or she at least thinks about it more deeply before rushing to the page. Noticing. I\u2019m paraphrasing here, but she basically said that when she was younger she didn\u2019t mind the idea of blowing her life up, but as you get older and things feel more stable and you like your life, you don\u2019t necessarily want to jeopardize it by writing about everyone who contributes to making your life what it is. That makes sense to me. I also do understand the writers in my life who guard their most personal relationships, the little details that make up a Love, to hold on to something that belongs just to them. It\u2019s strange to have other people project themselves onto your most intimate relationships. 041b061a72


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