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Carry On Jack =LINK=

Carry On Jack is the tale of Albert Poop-Decker, a newly commissioned Midshipman. The story starts with the death of Nelson (Jimmy Thompson) who has said that Britain needs a bigger navy with more men. Anton Rodgers played Hardy. Poop-Decker (Bernard Cribbins) has taken 8 years and still not qualified as midshipman but is promoted by the First Sealord (Cecil Parker) as England needs officers. He is to join the frigate Venus at Plymouth. Arriving to find the crew all celebrating as they are sailing tomorrow, he takes a sedan chair with no bottom (so he has to walk) to Dirty Dick's Tavern. Jim Dale and Ian Wilson who plays his father carry the sedan chair.

Carry On Jack

This was intended as a non-Carry On movie, which might explain the apparent budget hike and the absence of most of the usual Carry On gang. At first it seemed like a bad idea, but the story lures you in and maintains an adventurous swashbuckling swagger, all while making you laugh as well. Maybe it was a point where they almost went one way with the series before deciding not to...ahem...carry on.

Stock# 7115152CARRY-ON Model #741 has a black powder coat finish and and a lift capacity of 2,000 lbs. This jack has 14" of travel with an overall retracted length of 20". Top wind handle design provides easier cranking by utilizing your arm's most efficient muscles. A-Frame weld-on or Bolt-on bracket design.

The S.P. of C. placed him in the field as a general organizer in 1909, when he did valiant work for the movement. These were the days of pioneer organizers, when it was no armchair proposition to organize for the Socialist movement. In these days, it was no rare thing for an organizer to find himself stranded in a small country town, without money and surrounded by a hostile populace, with a few hundred miles of snow-covered prairie between him and the next burg. Only men strong in mind and body could carry on the fight for slave liberation under these circumstances. Comrade Houston possessed these qualities to a high degree and in spite of terrible obstacles carried on the fight, working between Winnipeg and Vancouver.

In 1914, Comrade Houston, still carrying on organization work for the S.P. of C., transferred his activities to eastern Canada. He spent considerable time lecturing in Toronto, afterwards taking up his residence in Montreal.

Sir Teddy Taylor (Rochford and Southend, East) (Con): Is the Foreign Secretary aware that while many of us criticize the Government for many things, a lot of us would like to pay tribute to him for his enormous efforts to maintain co-operation with Iran on the difficult nuclear issue? Does he accept that real progress is now being made, with access to all the appropriate centers at which such activities take place? Will he carry on with the good work, which is helping to maintain a situation that is desperately important for stability in the Middle East? 041b061a72


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