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Buy Microsoft Works 9.0

Microsoft Works started development as "Mouseworks" from "Productivity Software", and involved developers of the original Apple II AppleWorks. The first release was in 1986 for the Apple Macintosh. It seems that Microsoft purchased it mainly to compete with Lotus Jazz.

buy microsoft works 9.0

Works Spreadsheet is just as basic. It can't support multiple worksheets in the same file, forcing you to choose a worksheet when you open a document with more than one. Like Word Processor, Spreadsheet supports Office 2007 formats, including newer .xlsx files, but there's no OpenDocument support. Spreadsheet has no macro function, and doesn't support many advanced formulae and functions.

I am a dummy with this type of thing. I need to convert an old works spreadsheet to Excel so I can move it to a new computer that does not have works. This spreadsheet has lots of formulas. There is a LibreOffice program on the computer but most of the ladies at the church that uses the office computer likes Microsoft Excel/Word. Our problem is that we do not have internet yet. We are a very small church and have not had a need for internet. Can you walk me thru the steps. I do not know anything about LibreOffice. I am willing to try to convert because I know it will be hard to redo all the formulas. If you can will you email me the steps to my computer at home. Also if I will need to try the converter first can you tell me how to download it to a Memory Card. Any help you can give me will help.

Microsoft Works started development as "Mouseworks" from "Productivity Software". There is an interesting article about it in the May 27, 1985 InfoWorldI'm not aware that there were any releases under the Mouseworks name. It seems it was acquired by Microsoft shortly before release. And from the sound of it, primarily to compete against Lotus Jazz on the Apple Macintosh.

Incidentally, I found an incomplete copy of Works 1.0. Since it is significant enough I have added it here: -works/1x-mac Of course if anyone comes across a full origional set, a redump would be appreciated.

I can't try this in Works but the following works in Excel--see if you can nest the ifs like so:=IF(E4="FEBRUARY", IF(H4="YES", IF(D4>28,"28 DAYS",""), IF(D4>29,"29 DAYS","")),"")I've simplified this by only looking at H4, assuming if H4 is not YES then it must be a leap year.BTW is this a homework question?

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