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Baghban Movie in 3gp - A Low Bandwidth and High Emotion Experience

Download Baghban Full Hindi Movie In 3gp

Baghban is a 2003 Indian Hindi-language drama film directed by Ravi Chopra, co-written and produced by B. R. Chopra. It tells the story of an elderly couple, Raj (Amitabh Bachchan) and Pooja (Hema Malini), who have been married for 40 years and face the neglect and indifference of their four sons after retirement. The film was a commercial success and received mixed reviews from critics, but was praised for its performances, music, and emotional appeal.

Download Baghban Full Hindi Movie In 3gp

If you want to watch this movie on your mobile device or share it with your friends via text messages, you might want to download it in 3gp format. This is a video file format that is designed for low bandwidth and data usage, making it suitable for mobile devices and multimedia messaging services. In this article, we will show you what Baghban movie is about, what 3gp format is and why use it, how to download Baghban movie in 3gp format, and how to watch it on your device.

What is Baghban movie about?

Baghban movie is a tale of love, sacrifice, and family values. It revolves around the lives of Raj and Pooja, who have raised four sons with their hard work and dedication. They also have an adopted son, Alok (Salman Khan), who loves them as his own parents. Raj and Pooja hope to spend their golden years with their children and grandchildren, but they are disappointed when none of their sons want to take care of them or live with them. They are forced to separate and live with different sons for six months each. During this time, they face humiliation, disrespect, and loneliness from their sons and daughters-in-law. They also miss each other terribly and communicate through phone calls and letters.

Meanwhile, Alok returns from abroad with his girlfriend Arpita (Mahima Chaudhry) and is shocked to learn about his parents' plight. He decides to take them to his home and give them the love and respect they deserve. He also helps Raj to publish his book, which becomes a bestseller. Raj and Pooja are invited to a television show to talk about their book and their story. There, they reveal their disappointment with their sons and their gratitude to Alok. Their sons realize their mistake and apologize to them, but Raj and Pooja decide to live with Alok and Arpita for the rest of their lives.

Summary of the plot

The above paragraph gives a brief overview of the plot of Baghban movie. Here is a table that summarizes the main events of the movie in chronological order.


Raj retires from his bank jobRaj receives a warm farewell from his colleagues and friends. He plans to spend his retirement days with his wife Pooja and his children.

Raj and Pooja meet their sonsRaj and Pooja visit their four sons Ajay (Aman Verma), Sanjay (Sanjay (Samir Soni), Rohit (Saahil Chadha), and Karan (Nasir Kazi)) and their families. They expect to be welcomed and pampered, but they are met with indifference and excuses.

Raj and Pooja are asked to separateTheir sons tell them that they cannot accommodate both of them in their houses due to lack of space and money. They suggest that Raj and Pooja should live separately with different sons for six months each. Raj and Pooja are heartbroken, but they agree to avoid any conflict.

Raj and Pooja face difficulties in their sons' housesRaj goes to live with his eldest son Ajay and his wife Kiran (Divya Dutta), who treat him like a burden and a servant. They make him sleep on the floor, eat leftovers, and do household chores. Pooja goes to live with her second son Sanjay and his wife Shanti (Rimi Sen), who are equally rude and selfish. They lock her in a room, deny her food and water, and insult her. Raj and Pooja suffer in silence and hope for better days.

Raj and Pooja miss each otherRaj and Pooja miss each other's company and support. They call each other every day and write letters to express their feelings. They also celebrate their 40th anniversary by singing a song for each other on the phone.

Alok returns from abroadAlok, who is an engineer, returns from the US with his girlfriend Arpita, who is a fashion designer. He is unaware of his parents' situation and is eager to meet them. He is shocked to find out that they are living separately with their sons. He decides to take them to his home in Delhi and give them the happiness they deserve.

Alok helps Raj to publish his bookRaj has written a book titled Baghban, which is based on his life story and his love for Pooja. He had given the manuscript to his sons, but they had ignored it. Alok reads the book and is impressed by it. He contacts a publisher and gets the book published. The book becomes a bestseller and receives critical acclaim.

Raj and Pooja are invited to a television showRaj and Pooja are invited to a popular television show hosted by Amitabh Bachchan (playing himself) to talk about their book and their life. They reveal their ordeal with their sons and their gratitude to Alok. They also recite a poem that Raj had written for Pooja.

Raj and Pooja reunite with their sonsTheir sons watch the show and realize their mistake. They rush to the studio and apologize to Raj and Pooja for their behavior. They also thank Alok for taking care of them. Raj and Pooja forgive them, but they decide to live with Alok and Arpita for the rest of their lives.

Cast and crew

Baghban movie features a star-studded cast of veteran actors as well as newcomers. Here is a list of the main cast members and their roles in the movie.


Amitabh BachchanRaj Malhotra

Hema MaliniPooja Malhotra

Salman KhanAlok Raj Malhotra

Mahima ChaudhryArpita Sharma

Aman VermaAjay Malhotra

Divya DuttaKiran Malhotra

Samir SoniSanjay Malhotra

Rimi SenShanti Malhotra

Saahil ChadhaRohit Malhotra

Nasir KaziKaran Malhotra

Priyanka Chopra (special appearance) b70169992d


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