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Honda Rt5000 Tractor Shop Manual ((INSTALL))

"It's a great tractor. 4-wheel drive and a low center of gravity makes it very useful on my hillside property. It is built very well, as are all Honda products. I mainly use the dozer for clearing brush. It would be nice if they included a tilt adjustment for that. I have a tiller that works good, but I quit gardening.One big negative is the dependability. The too-complicated fuel system hates ethanol. The way-too-complicated ignition system has been troublesome. Why the "brains" didn't just use a magneto is beyond me. Right now, the tractor is down while I try to figure out which of the many components has failed this time. There are too many possible electrical connections to fail. The Internet is almost useless in finding specific repair info. Most owners don't know what the fix is, but they post guesses and/or throw parts at a problem.The Honda Power Equipment dealer who sold my tractor in 1990 says they are too old to work on and gave me a list of small engine shops. None of those know about the RT5000. My suggestion if you are a mechanic: buy a shop manual."

honda rt5000 tractor shop manual


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