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The Walking Dead Survival Instinct: A Prequel to the AMC Hit Show

could it be possible that nintendo can contact TT games for their walking dead game? even if retail only it doesen't matter, their walking dead was the best downloadable game of last year ( well a tie actually with the awesome psn exclusive the journey ). or perhaps if a petition was made that the game comes on the wii u would be great.

I've avoided talking about the zombies because it's not pleasant. The basic shambler is the only type of enemy in the game - top marks for purity of vision - but unfortunately there are only about six skins for them. They're dumb and can be taken out instantaneously from the back, but will see and smell you at close range as well as respond to gunshots. Let loose a shotgun and everything dead comes a-walking.

the walking dead survival instinct

Nearly everything else the matter with Survival Instinct can be traced back to the undead hordes shuffling their way around the game's various areas. They're ugly, though again, not in a way that's so much frightening as it is deeply disappointing. Zombie AI is one of those things I'm always somewhat reluctant to criticize, since trying to program the purely instinctual, largely thoughtless behavior of tattered ghouls can't be an exact science. But in Survival Instinct, the science seems to have been abandoned altogether. Zombies are terrible at finding you in the most bizarre of circumstances. Walk past a certain fence or doorway, and they'll just lose complete track of you, or worse yet, still know where you are, but find themselves unable to traverse the corner of the door they've somehow become hooked upon. In open spaces they'll certainly come at you, often in large groups that can't really be fought, in which case your best bet is often just to flee.


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