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Things To Buy From Us To India ((INSTALL))

Known for their clear, soothing glow and naturally radiant light, Himalayan salt lamps emit a calming aura. They are carved from solid blocks of salt, with a hollow center and a lighting element inside.

things to buy from us to india

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From Hollywood to Bollywood, from athletes to musicians and designers to models, everyone wears U.S. jeans. These jeans feature stretchable denim materials and a high thread count for maximum comfort and style.

Buying baby products from the USA to India is one of the best things you can do. Firstly, American safety standards for baby products are among the highest in the world and they have a reputation for quality. The manufacturers also make sure to keep up with the latest trends.

Anyways, if you are planning your return trip (or visit) to India, I strongly urge you to shake off your idea of how India would be, from the time you boarded the plane and check the ground reality. Because if you are going to buy things from the USA to India, you better make sure you live up to the expectations of your folks back in India.

In India to ensure blanket WiFi connectivity throughout your home or home office, it is recommended you get a WiFi system like that from Google. They ensure that your home WiFi is extended with full coverage to the entire width and breadth of your home. There are many WiFi systems available but the Google WiFi systems are eye candy and you get it at under $125 a piece (you might need the 3 pack just in case).

Apparently, many cosmetic brands are only available in the USA (some are available in Dubai Duty Free as well) and are great picks to buy from in USA online. Here are some of the best cosmetic brands you can buy from Amazon USA and bring to India.

Whether are you traveling from the USA back to India and you want to buy gifts for your family and friends, or you want to shop from the USA online to take advantage of the best deals online, this blog post is exactly for you. We have prepared a list of product categories that are worth buying in the USA.

Technology is a great thing but sometimes, it is better to turn it off. To compensate for the time you are online, you can buy the best board games for adults & family from the USA. We believe that playing with your kids or partner and spending some time together will make you much happier than your online presence.

Apple products are the cheapest in the US. Most of the shoppers from India like buying used or refurbished iPhones and MacBooks. Of course, you can also buy brand new apple products from their official website. Read more info on how to shop from

Kirkland Minoxidil is by many considered as one of the best hair growth treatments available. It is popular not only in the USA, but also in Brazil, India, or the UK. You can get the 6 months treatment from the US Costco online store for around $15. To get more info on how Kirland Minoxidil works, how effective it is, and how you can buy it, visit our post dedicated to this treatment.

If there is something that our Indian customers love to buy from the USA, it is electronics including laptops and PCs. We have prepared a selection of the best online stores for buying a laptop. Forget Amazon, Best Buy, or Walmart, there are better alternatives!

Unlocked phones category is very similar to laptops. An unlocked iPhone from the USA you can get for much lower prices than in India. Especially, if you decide to go for refurbished phones. Check out our selection of best stores where to buy unlocked phones.

We hope our blog post inspired you and helped you to choose products to buy from the USA to India. Feel free to share additional tips with us and we add them to this blog post. Also, we would like to hear from you what products you are going to buy? Let us know.

india is cheaper because many things ,which are produced by the farmers, are cheap, because indian farmers are not organized and cold stores facilities are not available,so living cost is cheaper than other countries.

I like the interpretation but I would surely think it is written by some one who has been living in US and sees life in India through vacation. To be fair I have been on the same boat. I lived in US for 6 yrs and have been back in India since a year. Yes 1 rupee is not equal to 1 dollar in buying power but if you are comparing the $1 burger and 80 cents taco your equivalent economy food is street food in India and if you convert the price point of the food on these places you will find a plate available to you for 30 to 100 INR depending on which city you are in or rather which part of city you are in as well. Another way of looking at it is 60 INR buy same thing as 1 USD which is the conversion rate. So if we look at that we will find India to be rather cheap except for US or international brands which you are paying a heavy import duty. Locally made brands are rather cheaper for better cloth quality ask anyone who understand cloths in term of quality will tell you the same. A Louise Philipe is much better shirt than many of Banana republic shirt for much lesser price and I am not even going to Gucci, GAP , Guess to the quality and price discussion. Yes designs is a different question in which I do believe India has a lot of catch up on . This discussion is still not fair because no Indian gets his equivalent salary in rather only 20% to 35% of equivalent salary ($ salary multiplied by 60). I was fighting to balance my income to my habits after coming back from US. One has a tendency to convert every thing you find here in equal USD and see how expensive it is and as your incoming is not remotely like US you find yourself in trouble if you let this blind you. The best way to approach so far is to use what I call pinch factor. Take absolute of price of any product in India by 4 and convert it to US equivalent salary . My incoming was only 20% of what I made in US so it should have been 5 but reality things are little cheaper in India that is 60 rupees buy a tad bit more than $1 buys in US. In other word $ is about 20% overvalued on ground reality of in India.

Interesting, but also compare life quality, ameneties we gets. In mumbai could you imagine how people travel to work from cramped virar local to churchgate ? Even person getting 10 lacs Rs salary unable to afford car as petrol rates are high. In US no pollution os there and you gets swimming pool , club in most residential áreas.

When it comes their turn to do so something for their country, these guys have opted US just because it gives more salary, but things are not as easy as it seems in US. May be you cannot smell but you guys are under threat. Anytime US government can throw you out of the country realizing that you are taking away the job opportunities. You born here, studies here and now making money for other countries and working like a fool. This makes you perfect choice for US companies. Are you not one of the reason for rising inflation in india?

But you should understand that the life in INDIA is not so bad as you think. There are thousands of good cities in india where 1BHK houses are even below 10 lac. An average guy having family of 4 can easily survive in 15000 INR. But it depends upon your life style and desires. In India, everyone is living. But it is also fact that majority of population cannot afford things but we must contribute to improve things rather than criticizing. Remember, if you are pointing a finger to someone, the remaining fingers are pointed towards you.

You Morons! do not try to compare cheese and shit(chalk would be too mild a word). A very simple explanation for the difference in US economy and that of India is that US population density is 34.2 persons per sq km and that of India is 377.2 per sq km. This simply means in the US, 2 persons are sharing a loaf of bread, where as in India, 22 are jumping on a single loaf of bread, fighting among themselves to get a larger share. Apart from this, the US has a largely working government machinery and mostly law abiding people. Whereas in India, we have the worst scum as politicians and bureaucrats, the kind who need to be guillotined, ruling and deciding policy, which explains the exploding population(I will not go into the details of why this happened), most of which is the dirty shit which brings these scum to power, and other malaise.

in Tamil naadu, there is a Family politicain called as kalaingar. he and his families(he has 6 wifes , 17 children, 36 grand children as of now ) members are stolen around 200 billion from Govt of India/Tamilnaadu . if he and his families are releasing money than 1 indian rupee will get equal to 1 dollor

Completely mis leading.. you guys living in US dont know what you are loosing.. Purchasing power of indian rupees is 3 times higher than US dollar refer ( _power_parity) or refer to PPP adjusted GDP of india in USD term.. Purchasing power is not decided by prices of jeans it is whole basket of consumer goods..

Dear ajay chavan Ppp of rupee can never outpower pppof $..RBI rules prevent it from doing so..rephrase ur sentences, usa remained the leader in world market fr more than seven and half decades..not just one or two years

I am currently on L1B visa and my visa is going to get expired in April 2012, my company is going to apply for L1A extension. Question is can we get the indian visa for our to be born child on the basis of L1A extension receipt? What are the options to get Indian visa for our child in case of our L1A extension gets denied?

Yeap, I fully agree that the rupee has been possibly under valued deliberately. In such case the ratio of Import to Export in terms of USD is to be necessarily maintained in the same ratio the rupee is undervalued. Considering the present situation and the ratio of rupee under valued with respect to USD, the ratio is around 2.3 i.e. India has to increase its export 2.3 times its import. This is the basic that we all need to understand and act. There can be political pressures from outside to keep our currency under valued. It is not the time to confront and get the equal ratio but it is time for all of us to look into the possible avenues, products & services those can be converted to values and exported to other countries where we can generate our export business and try and reach the ratio of under valued rupee. To make the life in India better we have to see that the ratio of under value of rupee is not further increased but rather brought down. Unless the purchase power of rupee is increased the souring prices of commodities will never come down. We have to exert ourselves to reduce our requirements of import and increase the export and realize the money. The bank interest rates are decided by RBI, which will always be few points less than the prevailing rate of inflation, this will be always the same in any country because no country would like to print bills just to pay the interest on deposits. 041b061a72


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