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Watch LITTLE ITALY (2018) BRRip AC3

Hey!Haven't fully watched it yet (might do so tonight) but have flicked around a little bit, the colour difference quite surprised me and some of the stuff left in the Desolation of Smaug and Battle of the Five Armies parts, eg the Smaug chase and all the Azog stuff caught me off guard and had me a bit disappointed..Apart from that amazing work!

Watch LITTLE ITALY (2018) BRRip AC3

I just watched the edit and I really enjoyed it. The edit is far superior to any of the original films. Moreover, most of the cuts are invisible, which I found to be very impressive. Below are my thoughts on which edits were excellent and which edits could be improved.Excellent:-Your choice of which scenes to keep and which to remove is, I think, pretty much perfect.-Most cuts are invisible! I particularly like, "I think it is time for you to know what really happened. [cut] In a hole in the ground, there lived a Hobbit."-It's dark outside during Bilbo's exposition.-The edit of Bilbo slipping on the mountain is much better.-Eagle rescue sequence. Azog now gets a proper introduction.-Thorin and Thranduil flashback.-Laketown, in general, is excellent. In particular I like, "You took our money, now where are the weapons? [cut to dwarves stealing weapons]."-The Hidden Door to Erebor edit, in general, is excellent.-Azog/Bolg subtitle edit (how did you do that?!).-The (actual) Battle of the Five Armies, in general, is excellent. It gets to the point and yet doesn't feel rushed.-Bilbo's sword glows blue on Ravenhill.-Gandalf voice-over at funeral.Could be Improved:-An Unexpected Journey to The Desolation of Smaug transition. Specifically, Gandalf's narration while riding the eagles feels somewhat disjointed. -The end of the barrel ride sequence feels abrupt. Maybe include the scene of the orcs chasing the dwarves down the river?-The Dwarves vs. Smaug sequence in general. I personally preferred your previous version because in your current version (i) Smaug lights furnaces that don't do anything, (ii) Although I respect the effort that went in to Smaug's digital alteration, Smaug is still inexplicably shiny upon leaving the mountain, and (iii) because the dwarves don't even attempt to defeat Smaug, it all feels a little bit pointless. These are just my thoughts.I would also be inclined to break the edit up into two movies, rather than one four hour movie. They could be called, 'An Unexpected Journey' and 'There and Back Again'. One benefit of this would be that some extra scenes could be included, for example the Beorn Introduction EE (which everybody seems to love). Again, just my thoughts. Over all, your edit is really excellent. From now on, I will be watching J.R.R Tolkien's The Hobbit!

Just finished The Hobbit fan edit, a very good effort. Perhaps a bit too harsh on the cuts at times would have liked to have seen more Beorn as it felt a little choppy there, the only other time things feel a little chopped up are the final battle scenes with bolg and azog at ravenhill (and that's most likely because of all the legolas and tauriel action in the original edits)Completely gone are all sub and side plots so no radagast, galadriel, tauriel or saruman, very little legolas and frankly all the better for it.All the shoddy cgi gone, really this impressed me the most no off putting shots of dangly floppy puppet men or floaty flying elves. Billy Connolly's character is actually good now rather than ruined by his bad cg model running around the battlefield.Is it perfect? No. But it is does hold your attention and is now possible to finish the story in an evening and doesn't ruin it with non essential or poorly executed tat.I found the current ac3 5.1 file to have a few errors, the front and side channels are switched, so some tinkering I fixed that, it appears it's also missing the LFE channel data so had to have bass get re-directed. Would watch again definitely once final blu ray files are released

Hi Dustin,I only discovered your fan edit a couple of days ago. Firstly, thank you very much for all the work you put it into making it, it really was a delight to watch it.Like others have mentioned, keeping the furnace scene when the gold statue was cut appears a little odd. Keeping the gold statue scene would have made the Smaug exit when he shakes off the gold work better, but it's not a big issue. The two things that I would love more than anything would be for the film (bluray ISO) to be re-encoded from the source at a higher bitrate as I noticed some halo effect in some of the darker scenes. And, the inclusion of the lossless DTS-HD soundtrack - I would have this over the video re-encode at a higher bitrate.Is there any possibility of uploading just the lossless soundtrack, which I can then download and mux with the video file?Thank you again,Rex 041b061a72


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