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Favourite Accomplished Equestrian Athletes

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Played the heck out of g-police when I was 17 back then but I was never able to beat it, it got really hard towards the end. Loved the game though. Now destruction derby??? Omg!!! That is one of my all time favorite games in ps1 era, I would love for it to cone back. Only the first destruction derby though, the sequels were horrible


I have Weapons of Justice, but never played the first. Though I did play a very long demo, and WOJ is not too dissimilar, definitely good games. Shame they never made a g-police 3, not sure if it was intended, the story did leave with cliffhanger though.It would be great to see it built onto a modern engine, I can imagine it'd look very similar to its concept art, and the city would really be something.

Back to the serious note, I don't know any forums that relate to Psygnosis or g-police fans. However, I do frequent "The Escapist" so I'll try there. I'll also try starting up a proejct here after I've finished my havok model. Shouldn't take too long hopefully. 041b061a72


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