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Favourite Accomplished Equestrian Athletes

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My Lucky Stars

Despite being billed as one of the stars, Jackie Chan's role in the film is relatively minor until the final half hour. The major star of the film is Chan's longtime associate and former member of the Peking Opera School, Sammo Hung. The film also features another of that troupe, Yuen Biao.

My Lucky Stars

I'm gonna go outright and say this: The whole 3 stars out of 5 I gave this movie go to the action/fight sequences, which are terrific. Typical Jackie Chan/Sammo Hung stuff, excellent. Outstanding stunts and fight choreography, as usual.

In the middle ages, astrology was widely believed. People thought that the positions of stars in the sky could influence events that happened to them. Therefore, if something particularly good or relieving happened, it could be attributed to the positions of one or more stars in the sky. People may thank the stars for their good luck. 041b061a72


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