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Vd Mahajan Jurisprudence Legal Theory Pdf 27

The natural thing in the theory of natural law is its universal applicability. It is considered divine law, eternal law and the law of nature. Natural law is the product of reason. It has been gone through different stages and it is defined by men in different ways. Morality is the central idea of this theory. Morality is considered as the higher law under which the validity of human laws can be measured. In ancient time natural law was considered religious or supernatural. In modern, it is responsible for the modern political and legal ideology. Natural law is based on reason and good conscience which measures what should do or not to do. It is the reason which distinguishes between good and bad.

vd mahajan jurisprudence legal theory pdf 27


Principles of natural law have been embodied in legal system of different countries. For example, in the legal system of England a number of principles of natural law have been embodied. India also borrowed certain principles from England such as justice, equity and good conscience. In the constitution of India a large number of principles are based on the theory of natural law such as Fundamental rights, right to equality and supremacy of judiciary. Finally, we can say that the Natural law has made a great contribution in the legal jurisprudence of the world.


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