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Defdat Pes 2013 !FULL!

The first time I realised that Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 was a great sports game was in a 1-0 defeat. I was Sheppey United, the Sunday league team I used to play for as a boy, recreated in PES's Master League mode. My players were a bunch of non-existent no-marks with weirdly spelled names like Castolis, Hougelin and Gellazca and I was playing another fictional team with an equally curious moniker.

Defdat Pes 2013


PES 2013 is not a huge overhaul of the decent enough PES 2012, rather Konami have focussed on addressing the areas that matter. And, crucially, they've directed their efforts into being PES, rather than the scatter-gun approach of recent years that has left the series scrabbling for its identity. The speed of the game has been slowed to a much more natural, but still brisk, pace. The physics model has been given a more natural weight and feel, meaning zipping the ball across the pitch feels more consistent. The AI has been made noticeably smarter and more aggressive; full-backs and wingers bomb down the wing at any given opportunity, while your forwards will push the defensive line back as far as they can, shuffling into clever positions to receive the ball.

A greater confidence in the controls has also lead to more transparency. There were always hidden depths to PES games that only the dedicated managed to exploit, 2013 not only lets you in on the secrets, but actively encourages you from the moment you boot up the game. A tricky but rewarding tutorial talks you through trapping the ball with the trigger, flicking the ball up for a volley, nutmegs, run-arounds, knuckle shots and lofted passes. The actions required are a little fiddly to begin with --demanding more manual dexterity than is strictly needed-- but once mastered they can all be a well-used, important part of your footballing arsenal. PES 2013 is all about giving you more control and some very clever little touches should have EA's scouts nosing around. Holding down the right trigger allows you to take close control of the ball, rolling it back with your feet to keep it away from a defender. Squeezing the left trigger, meanwhile, instantly disables any computer influence over your passing and shooting, giving you complete control of where the ball is directed. Perhaps best of all, you can now take control of teammates at set-pieces with the flick of a stick, dragging defenders out of position and making clever runs to find space. No more screaming "MOOOOVE" at your stationary attackers at a corner.

PES 2013's largest problems, however, lay off the pitch. The presentation is still atrocious to the point of parody. The menu layout is dreary, obtuse tactics screens confuse and the commentary is abysmal. While you've always been able to forgive PES for its limited amount of official licences, in recent years it feels like they've given up trying to approximate teams, hoping people will just dive into the (very good) editor. It's also a little odd that while they have the official licence for the Champions League, they don't have permission to use the kits and badges from all the teams. Which can't help but negate the authentic Europen club nights Konami strive for

But once you're on the pitch, those problems become background noise. There's no doubt that Konami need to rip out the entire front end of PES for essential modernisation, but the best menu system and career mode in the world mean nothing without a fabulous game of football at its heart. That's what Konami have focussed on this year, getting it right on the pitch. That focus and a new-found determination to not be left behind is stamped all over PES 2013, an excellent and long-overdue return to form.

Kako instalirati SLS Patch?1. Extraktujte fajlove2. Kopirajte extraktovane fajlove tamo gde vam je instaliran PES 20133. Extraktujte Edit fajl u My documents4. Pokrenite pes2013.exe5. Uživajte

Pes 2013 Sever kardeşlerim sorun çözümü oldukça basit.Yüksek ihtimalle oyunu2. ya da 3. kuruşunuz olmalı ki fark ettiyseniz oyunu kurarken sizde cd key istemedi.Bunu istememesinden dolayı oyun sizler için şuan hata veriyor ve o cd keye ihtiyaç duyuyor.

Aşama 2: Sol taraftaki menüden sırayla şu adımları takip ediyoruz. Win32 için:"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / KONAMI / PES2013" Win64 için:"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\KONAMI\PES2013"


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