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Let It Rain

Why install a rain garden?Rain gardens are a great, low-maintenance alternative to a lawn. They can be shaped and sized to fit your yard, provide habitat for local wildlife and pollinators, recharge groundwater and can assist with drainage issues that you may experience on your property.

Let It Rain

Are you an Everett resident interested in installing a rain garden? The City of Everett offers up to a $2,500 rebate to homeowners who volunteer to install an approved rain garden. Each rain garden is unique and project costs vary from garden to garden. The rebate may not cover 100% of the installation cost.

The rebate program has an annual timetable based on installing a new rain garden in the fall. We kick off the rebate program with informational workshops in the early part of the year. Learn about the rebate timetable and where local rain gardens are located, view or download our brochure, Rain Gardens (PDF).

Want to tour local rain gardens?Join us for a walking tour on Saturday, October 15, 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. The walking tour is a two mile loop, done at a casual pace. Come dressed for the weather. Register at You can also look at a full rain garden map for the Puget Sound area at, 12000 Rain Gardens.

* This was very important when I was in India because they have the rainy seasons and the dry season. When the rainy season starts it cleans up the town and literally flushes out the sewer systems and the ditches around the villages. The result is its more sanitary and refreshing.

Irrespective of the ups and downs of her career, Tracy Chapman has had one thing going for her that a number of singer/songwriters lack: a major label. This assures that she'll always get what every performer wants: a fair hearing and perhaps even radio exposure. On Let It Rain, Chapman turns in another introspective album that flows quietly from track to track and will remind listeners of New Beginning (1995) and Telling Stories (2000). The album begins with a sequence of warm, easygoing songs. "Another Sun" finds a slow, bluesy groove that perfectly matches Chapman's soulful lyric, while "In the Dark" explores the murky undercurrent of relationships. There's a loose quality to many of Chapman's lyrics, meaning that a number of things can be read into them. On the title cut, she expresses an openness to everything that the rain brings, whether it's good or bad. "Almost" evokes the spiritual longing familiar to anyone who's come very close, but still fell short, of attaining a dream, a goal, or a perfect relationship. John Parish's full arrangements and warm production provide a sympathetic setting for Chapman's songs and vocals. The only grievance one might find with Let It Rain is that many of the songs have a similar feel and lack distinctive melodies to keep them from blending together. Fans who have enjoyed Chapman's recent albums, however, will enjoy Let It Rain's evocative lyrics and lovely vocals.

"Sunset Shimmer grabs her guitar and sings about not being afraid when things don't go your way and it feels like you are caught in the rain; her message is to see the sunshine behind the gray clouds."[2]

Yes, i see this song as repetitive and not as suited for a non-believer but for the believer i think men will be and are lead to cry out for Gods help during the repetitive portion of this song. Yeah, let it rain. ?????

Fabrics that resist water are essential for everything from rainwear to military tents, but conventional water-repellent coatings have been shown to persist in the environment and accumulate in our bodies, and so are likely to be phased out for safety reasons. That leaves a big gap to be filled if researchers can find safe substitutes.

Testing of the coated surfaces shows that it gets a perfect score on a standard rain-repellancy test. The coatings are suited for substrates as diverse as fabrics, paper, and nanotextured silicon. (Varanasi and Gleason research groups)

The 2005 racing season in Southern California commenced with a series of storms that dropped about six inches of rain on Santa Anita Park. Still, the show went on, and there was racing over a variety of wet tracks on Jan. 5-8. Sunday, Jan. 9, dawned with only light rain in the forecast, so there was hope the week of sport could be completed without interruption. The imperative to race was strong. There had not been a weather-related cancellation for 10 years.

"By the end of today we could be over 12 inches of rain in the past two weeks," Newby said. "I think we're fortunate to have lost only one day of racing before this weekend. And we have the ability to make up any lost days, since the shorter race weeks provide for more dates available on the calendar.

In the wake of the 2019 season, during which track conditions during harsh winter weather contributed to the deaths of 24 horses during the Santa Anita winter-spring meet, all parties convened to create an Inclement Weather Policy enforced with the power of the California Horse Racing Board. The policy covers the suspension of racing and training for such things as high winds (in the event of sustained 38 mph winds and/or gusts over 50 mph), lightning (when detected within an eight-mile radius of the track), and extreme temperatures (determined by the Heat Stress Index that combines temperature and humidity).

"Any decision to race on a sealed or floated track will be made based upon a decision by the Track Superintendent that in his or her professional opinion the resulting track surface is safe for the conduct of races. That decision shall also provide that the conduct of racing will not jeopardize the safe conduct of racing or training on days subsequent to the inclement weather event. That decision will require the unanimous consent of a committee consisting of the Track Superintendent, Association General Manager, Jockeys Guild Representative, and Safety Steward subject to confirmation by the Board of Stewards."

"The decision must be unanimous among all four groups before we can race," Newby said, adding that the CHRB Equine Medical Director, Thoroughbred Owners of California, and California Thoroughbred Trainers are also in the loop when such decisions need to be made.

As a result, there will be rainy racing days canceled in California that would offer business as usual in other parts of the country. Newby will see the occasional wisecrack on social media that wonders why the West Coast lets a little water put on the brakes. Such attitudes have conveniently forgotten the thread by which California racing dangled in the wake of the 2019 fatalities, besieged on all sides by politicians and animal rights groups. The imperative to race at all costs was no longer viable, and the Inclement Weather Policy has served to spread the decision-making process among the best-informed parties.

No one minimizes the loss of racing opportunities for owners, trainers, jockeys, and horseplayers. Form can be ephemeral, inconsistent from a canceled card to a rescheduled date. Although the track will be able to make up the days, Santa Anita would have handled in the neighborhood of $15 million combined on the Saturday and Monday of the holiday weekend. Still, given the balance required for racing to exist in today's cultural climate, that may be a hard pill to swallow, but also a small price to pay. 041b061a72


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