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Buy Cards Online Uk

At Moonpig we care about all of life's moments, from the big celebrations like birthdays, engagements, and anniversaries, or if you just want to say thank you. We've got a greetings card for every single occasion. The happy moments, the not-so-happy-moments and everything in between; we're here for you through all of them. Obviously, it wouldn't be a birthday without a Moonpig birthday card, so show them how well you know them with a card that's perfectly 'them'. From the hilarious to the heartfelt, we've got so many cards to choose from and we're always adding more!

buy cards online uk

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For a greetings card that just means more, choose one of our personalised cards and send joy straight to their door. It's easy to upload your personal memories to our photo upload cards, whether you decide to go down the sweet and sentimental or embarrassing - but hilarious - route! Choose to showcase one special photo or create a whole collage; it's completely up to you. We've also got tons of cards where you can edit the text on the front, and each card can be personalised with your own thoughtful message inside.

We're so much more than cards, so find a personalised gift for every recipient and every occasion. From small tokens of appreciation to grand gestures, we've got all you need to make that special someone smile. Plus, with our reliable next day delivery service even the most last-minute of gifters can make a great impression. Simply order gifts or flowers by 9pm and we'll deliver them the very next day. For the more organised gifters who like to get ahead of the game, you can order ahead and select a delivery date that suits you. Easy peasy!

Individually illustrated by David Shrigley, these cards challenge the norm with only black suits throughout the entire pack. Every heart, spade, club and diamond matches the colour of Shrigley's sense of humour. A true test of skill, this set of cards is 'NOT FOR IDIOTS'.

UK iTunes gift cards are fun, versatile gifts for all ages and interests. Gift cards are available in $10, $15, $25, $50, and $100 denominations. All gift cards can be used on any Apple device in the UK iTunes store.

Searching for the perfect gift idea? With an H&M Gift Card, your special someone can pick just the right thing from any H&M and H&M HOME store. For those last-minute shoppers, online gift cards might be your new best friend!

Traveling to the UK and wondering what is the best way to stay connected? Don't waste money on high roaming costs or slow overseas data roaming plans. The UK already has prepaid sim card deals with 70 GB data for about $25 USD! In this guide you will read everything you need to know about buying a prepaid sim card in the UK: which provider has the best 5G network, where to buy a prepaid sim card for the UK, up to date prices as per March 2023, is EU roaming included on prepaid UK sim cards, info about international and e-Sim cards for the UK and much more.

Do you want to buy your sim card for the UK directly on arrival at the airport then check out my guides for buying a UK sim card at: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton or Manchester. I will tell you exactly where to go, how much UK sim cards cost at the airport, etc.

Buying a local prepaid sim card is the first thing I do when I get to a new country and I like to document my research for the best prepaid sim cards. Therefore on Traveltomtom you can already find more than 200 sim card guides from all over the world: USA, Asia, Malaysia, Brazil, Cameroon, Kenya, South Africa, Costa Rica, Bali. But also places like New York, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Mexico, Canada, Panama, Thailand, Bangkok, Hong Kong, etc.

You can of course use data roaming or overseas data plans, but these plans work with reduced internet speed. Plus, why pay $10 per day when for $25 you can get unlimited 4G/5G data for a whole month!? Data roaming is much more expensive than local prepaid sim cards and buying a sim card in the UK is easy. Getting an e-sim card for the UK is even easier!

Traveltomtom recommends an EE prepaid sim card for traveling to the UK. For 20 ($25 USD) you get 70 GB data for 30 days on the best 4G/5G network in the UK. Plus they still offer free data-roaming in Europe on their prepaid sim cards.

Traveltomtom mostly recommends local prepaid sim cards over international sim cards however, some international sim cards are great for traveling to multiple countries, for example Europe. Check out my article with a comparison of the best international sim cards for traveling in 2023 and find that travel sim card that suits your trip, e-sim cards are included in the article!

If you are NOT a fan of swapping sim cards and changing phone numbers then you might want to look into the option of getting a portable WiFi device for your trip to the UK. Personally I am not a fan and I will tell you why in my HONEST review about using a pocket WiFi when traveling.

But a portable WiFi device is so old school! The best way to get internet on your phone when traveling to the UK in 2023 is an e-sim card for the UK. See below for the best e-sim card deals for the UK in 2023. You can get an e-sim card for the UK with 20 GB data + unlimited calls in Europe for $34.90 USD. That is much more than a local prepaid sim card, but you arrange it within just a couple minutes all online.

E-sim cards are the most convenient and easiest way to stay connected when traveling to UK. No more visiting a store, no more swapping physical sim cards, you arrange everything online within just a couple minutes. You order an e-sim card and receive a QR code in your email along with instructions. Follow the instructions and you are connected instantly.

There is also still the possibility of ordering an international sim card with coverage in the UK online and get it shipped to your home address before your trip. For $49.90 USD you get 20 GB data + unlimited calls within Europe and 120 minutes worldwide. Click on the link to order directly or find more info.

This makes UK prepaid sim cards pretty useless for traveling to Europe. If you are traveling in Europe onwards after visiting the UK, you better have choose one of these sim cards for traveling in Europe in 2023, which you can also use in the UK.

On top of the above available mobile internet providers there are a dozen of other local sim cards available in smaller shops which I did not take into consideration, so called MVNO's. For tourists on a short stay I do not recommend any of these sim cards. But you can check out Lebara or Lycamobile sim cards for the UK. Sometimes they have good prepaid sim card deals.

When arriving at London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London Stansted or London Luton Airport you are able to buy a Lebara sim card or a Lycamobile sim card at the airport. Both sim cards also work fine for traveling in Europe. The problem is they have a lot of restrictions, surprises and hidden fees or very limited EU roaming, etc.

You can also buy a prepaid sim card for the UK in a convenience store. But is that convenient? Well, if you know what you are doing and are ok with the registering the sim card yourself online then it is an option. Some bigger supermarkets also sell UK sim cards. Traveltomtom does not recommend buying a sim card for a convenience store as the staff has no exact knowledge about these sim cards. Is EU-roaming included or not? How to do the registration? Scan your own passport, etc. Just too complicated for tourists.

Tourists can also order sim cards for the UK online. International sim cards are physical sim cards that will be shipped to your home address before your trip and are ready to use when you travel to the UK. Another popular way of staying connected when traveling to the UK are e-Sim cards. International and e-Sim cards for the UK can only be bought online and not in a store.

Prices for prepaid sim cards and data plans constantly change. Traveltomtom does everything in his power to keep all the information up to date. The below prices and data plans are updated as per March 2023. 1 GBP = $1.20 USD

Vodafone has 5 different UK prepaid sim cards, so called pay-as-you-go plans. If you are not a heavy data user the smallest plan with 7 GB will be enough to use data for keeping in touch, navigation, emails, etc. All plans are valid for 30 days, but only on 4G.

Three UK still offers free EU roaming on their prepaid sim cards and even better for those who travel even further. Three UK offers free roaming in over 70 destinations: Australia, Brazil, United States, etc. Data roaming packages are capped at 12 GB.

EU roaming is NOT included in GiffGaff sim cards and also the process of obtaining one is rather difficult. I tried it myself and it wasn't a success as I had problems with the activation and gave up.

Lebara also offers prepaid sim cards for the UK. The pay as you go bundles already start from 5 and but only gives you 2 GB data for 30 days. But there are more data bundles available, see the picture above.

What Lebara separates from the other UK sim cards is that they offer free international calling minutes not only to the EU, but also to the USA, India, Thailand, Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Malaysia, Israel, South Korea, Singapore.

Another positive thing about a Lebara UK sim card is that you can also buy them in mobile phone shops and convenient stores across the UK like Tesco, WH Smith, Argos, Sainsbury's. If you see shops with a Lebara sign that means you can get the same deals as online. Lebara operates on the Vodafone UK network.

International sim cards for the UK are worth considering especially for those who are traveling onwards in Europe and want to arrive prepared in the UK. For $24.90 USD you get sed a sim card to your home address for the UK with 10 GB data. Not bad, but even e-sim cards are for the UK are more affordable and much less hassle. The best e-sim card deal for the UK costs $22 USD and gives you 10 GB data.

Those who need just a couple Gigabytes for staying in touch with family, arrange stuff online and get directions I definitely recommend an e-sim card for the UK with just 1 or 2 GB. These UK e-sim cards you can already order online for just $5 USD. 041b061a72


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