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Favourite Accomplished Equestrian Athletes

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Ultimate Producer Bundle 2

Your success as a producer relies on using only THE BEST samples and SOUNDS.So we JAM PACKED this bundle with some of our BEST sample packs - available to you at a crazy discount. And ONLY our best, most cutting edge samples and sounds are included in this bundle.Our Ultimate Black Friday Producer Bundle 2019 is your fast track to making better music and improving your music production skills.And I made sure to include a broad range of sounds - from hard hitting drums, pounding 808s, smooth delicious bass samples, creative synth samples and so much more.If you need to make certified hits - these are the 7 packs that will carry you to GREATNESS. ?

ultimate producer bundle 2


Become part of our movement - Previous Customers Include Cardiak (Produced for Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Rick Ross, Drake), Grammy Award Winning Symbolyc One (Kanye West, Beyonce etc) to Game Soundtrack Designer Levon Lewis (Transformers, SilentHill, AssassinsCreed) and thousands of other producers from all over the world. Our customers use our products for Game Soundtracks, TV, Film, and a huge range of genres (Trap, Hip Hop, Pop etc)...

For a limited time, this bundle also comes with our latest packs Berserk Midtempo and Future Rave Attack as a bonus! 120 more Serum Presets and 10 Full Construction Kits of Loops, Oneshots & MIDI!

The WavGrind Producer Bundle is our best-valued bundle which is filled with over 1,000 royalty-free samples and MIDI! We put together this bundle to thank the producers who support us, and fill their samples library with industry quality sounds!

Ultimate Jekyll Poster is an NPM module for web developers using node to build beautiful websites. This module works as a backend to save posts to your blog! It is required that you use ultimate-jekyll for this module to work properly.

Somiibo: A Social Media Bot with an open-source module library. JekyllUp: A website devoted to sharing the best Jekyll themes. Slapform: A backend processor for your HTML forms on static sites. SoundGrail Music App: A resource for producers, musicians, and DJs. Hammock Report: An API for exploring and listing backyard products.


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