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The NLP Trainer Training Manual \/\/FREE\\\\

NLP CoachingSusie Linder-PelzUSA UK DETo me this book is really the book for NLP coaches to read, also for coaches interested learning more about NLP (and if it is for them.) It is also extremely suitable for HR professionals. The other NLP coaching books out there, are only repeats of NLP Practitioner manuals once more. The coaching contexts are much better covered here. Which it is why it is getting a big thumbs up.Recommended: NLP coaches & coachesNot recommended: Everyone else.

The NLP Trainer Training Manual

Origins of Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingJohn GrinderUSA UK DETypical NLP Practitioner book, by one of the co-creators of NLP. This is a great book, but has no added value if you already have a great NLP Practitioner manual.Recommended: NLP Practitioner & not NLP trained.Not recommended: NLP Master Practitioner

Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring WithinConnirae AndreasUSA UK DEI would only recommend this book if you are already an NLP Master Practitioner, and have learned this pattern or have done a serious training in timelines + parts work (I would say a minimum of 3 days, which most companies do not offer.) The pattern is simply brilliant. This means that the large seminar fast trackers would be largely out of their depth.Recommended: NLP Master PractitionerNot recommended: NLP Practitioner, Not NLP Trained

These regularly updated manuals are are literally a compilation of a 10K USD investment in books, audios, videos, manuals from our largest competitors competitors and resources. Paired with many years of learning, research and application in the field. These manuals have been written to be superior to any other.

A third essential resource for our students is Global NLP Premium, which is our post-course package containing an entire video based training, coaching and legal forms, and many other resources. Contact us if you are a former student.

Empower yourself and others and make a profound and lasting difference in your own life and the lives of others! Please email for your FREE Information Pack with full details and your special offer for this live online training. Limited places available.

During your Transformational NLP Practitioner Certification training, you will discover what makes you and other people tick - things you never knew about yourself and what drives you and others, both personally and professionally. You will learn how to harness your personal power and inner strength ... and discover exactly how you can have the results and success you truly desire personally and professionally and enjoy the journey of getting it!

Above all, you will learn leading edge techniques and how to use them to create transformational results in your life and with others - and many have also created fulfilling new careers/businesses with these techniques after our NLP Practitioner training certification!

If you would like to attend this training for FREE, simply bring 6 paying friends to the training. Please contact us at or call Dr Vesna on 0411 479 256 for details or to book your place today!

As well as learning literally hundreds of amazing transformational techniques, and once you have successfully completed your training, you will also be eligible for certification from three of the world's leading certifying organisations:

and most importantly you will have the tools to achieve lasting change and exceptional results for yourself and others!In addition to the above 3 certifications, upon successful completion of your Qt NLP Practitioner training certification, you will also have the opportunity to receive international accreditation and professional indemnity insurance to operate as a practitioner in Australia. After successfully completing this training you will automatically receive Recognition of Prior Learning towards further training with us.Then upon successful completion of further training with us, you will also be able to receive the following qualifications and professional recognition:

205M NLP Comprehensive Practitioner Training Manual (Student Edition)This is the classic NLP Comprehensive Practitioner Training Manual First created in the early 1980s. Updated multiple times, it is the basis for NLP training taught worldwide for over 40 years. With this as the foundatio...More

We will teach you the techniques and the process of becoming an amazing trainer. Whether you want to train and certify others at the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner levels, or present and train people in other areas of your experience, this live training is for you.

Many people have called this the most important training they've ever attended. If you're ready to propel yourself to success, now is the time to do it. Sign up early on this website for our special online-only early-bird discounts.

  • In addition, we're offering the following bonuses valued at $9,170:NLP Training Video/Audio Sets ($1,100 value)Video recordings of our trainings and workshops for your review as a trainer before your trainings

  • These trainings are the bread-and-butter of the business

  • Includes the entire Learn Hypnosis... Live! video collection

  • Includes the entire CORE Success Coach video collection

  • Intro to NLP videos

  • Create Your Life: The NLP Experience video collection

  • NLP Practitioner Training video collection

  • NLP Master Practitioner Training video collection

  • Model our trainings to create your own so you don't have to reinvent the wheel!

  • Mastering the Business of Speaking Video Training ($500 value)An in-depth home study video course about how to succeed as a trainer and speaker

  • How to carve out your target market and create your marketing message

  • How to design classes and trainings from scratch

  • How to create lucrative home study video courses from home without a TV studio

  • Everything from software to equipment

  • How to market your trainings and courses on the internet

  • NLP Trainer's Training Video Collection ($2,500 value)Videos unlocked upon graduation for review of training material

  • A recording of all the material from Trainer's Training

  • Refresh your memory on what you were taught

  • Keep improving on and growing from the material and exercises from the training

  • Other institutes charge thousands for these videos. With Transform Destiny, they're included for free

  • 90-Day Trainer's Guide ($20 value)Steps to help you plan, market, sell and fill your first training

  • A step-by-step guide of action steps to hold your first "intro" event within 45 days, and your first NLP Practitioner training in 90 days

  • These Michael's closely guarded secrets to success in this field!

  • Professional Nine-Page Customizeable NLP Practitioner Website ($5,000 value)Build your professional website in as little as a few minutes (Template 1, Template 2, Template 3)

  • Edit your site in your browser (no sofware, programming knowledge, or HTML skills needed). Just point, click, type and save

  • Built on ClickFunnels, the world's #1 marketing platform. Account includes website hosting, funnels builder, email autoresponder service, automated webinar hosting, and the ability to charge credit cards for your practice. (Coming soon, blog, and Shopify-style store are coming, too)

  • At least a $5,000 value!

  • One Month Membership to the E.M.P.O.W.E.R. Program ($50 value):Two live group coaching calls per month with NLP Master Trainer Michael Stevenson

  • Ten months of archived calls for you to listen to

Every person in our office is certified Certified Trainer, Master Practitioner or Practitioner of NLP, TIME Techniques and Hypnotherapy. This means, when you call our office, you will not be given the runaround by "sales staff," as with other training companies. With Transform Destiny, you'll talk to a real NLP professional who can answer your questions, every time. No other NLP institute we know of can make this claim. This is why we offer world-class, unbeatable support.

First Day: 10am - 8pmMost Other Days: 1pm - 8pmExcept: Days 16, 17 and 18 of the training are from 10am - 8pmDays Off: Day 7 and Day 15 of the training are days off

Yes, Michael, I want to become a trainer of NLP, TIME Techniques, Hypnotherapy, EFT and Success/Life Coaching! I understand that this is a Limited Time Offer. Plus, I feel completely confident enrolling based on your reputation and the iron clad, money back guarantee. Sign me up now! I'm ready for:

This is a tutored online NLP Trainers Training course that provides you with the opportunity to become a certified trainer of NLP. Using a combination of video, audio, fully illustrated manual, and Skype, train with us to be a trainer of NLP.

Whether you are looking for a career as an NLP trainer, to develop your presentation and training skills or develop your NLP skills you can take this training course from anywhere in the world and gain a fully NLPEA recognised professional NLP Trainer qualification (upon achieving the required certification standard).

You will learn the secrets of becoming a dynamic, powerful, effective and successful NLP Trainer from this program. It is beyond substitute from any books, videos and materials, because it provides one of the most important elements beyond all these, i.e. personal coaching and development from Anthony Beardsell himself in the comforts of your own home or office! If you think that having over 15 years of training experience like me is good enough, think again! Mr. Beardsell will show you the differences on what is truly personal training excellence, from average to excellence! 041b061a72


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