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Htc 8S Music

The HTC 8S has just 4GB of internal storage on the spec sheet, and frustratingly only leaves roughly 1.1GB for user files. If you have any intentions of using the HTC 8S as a music player, to watch videos, or to do some picture taking yourself, then you'll need to get yourself a decent SD card as quickly as possible. As well as any data that applications need to store on it, the OS uses the internal storage for a number of temporary files and caches, which will start to fill up that single gig rather quickly.

Htc 8S Music


...There is one new application, though, and it's one that upsets me. Called 'Make More Space', it's a utility that will look at the internal storage on the 8S, show you how much space the three main areas are taking up (music+videos, pictures, and documents), and allow you to jump to those hubs and delete content. It's a sad state of affairs when your newest app on a handset is designed to get around the biggest issue of the specification list.

Nokia is pushing their own music service called Mix Radio on the default Music + Video app. It offers free music streaming (it works out of the box) and has an extensive library of tracks. While it is mostly streaming oriented, you can make tracks available offline in Mix Radio (they remain on the device only temporarily though).

The default Windows Phone 8 media players are on-board too. They reside together in the Music + Videos hub, which now bears the Xbox logo or the last played media thumbnail. When you start it, it shows the History, which gives you quick access to the last two items played, or you can go to the full menu and start the music or video player, listen to or watch podcasts, or go to the Marketplace.

The music section is made up of albums, songs, playlists, genres and artists. Videos features all, television, music videos, films and personal - think of them like more of categories you can assign your videos to when syncing with Zune. The third section is where you can store all of your downloaded audio and video podcasts.

The music hub has a simple and straightforward interface. You won't have any difficulties using it. However there are some things missing, like an equalizer. Another missing feature is the ability to scrub through a song with your finger - you have to press and hold on the FF/rewind buttons to simply jump back and forth.

As a music player, it's pretty standard - your tracks are sorted by artist, album, playlists or you can view all songs. The interface is very similar to that of the stock music player, but under the album art it lists the next three songs to be played - really helpful if you're using shuffle. There's no way to manually reorder the upcoming songs, but you can reshuffle them if there's one you don't like.

The Zune experience on Windows Phone is significantly better than what you get from both Android and the iPhone. If you buy a lot of music on iTunes, Zune Pass is probably a better deal. You get 10 song downloads per month plus unlimited streaming for $14.99 per month. You can also stream on your PC and Xbox 360 in addition to your Windows Phone.

Actually the HTC 8S Windows Phone have total 4GB internal memory. By default we can not add more capacity , but this phone have external storage slot which can be add up to 32GB. We are really recommended the HTC 8S user to save images, move, music or any other downloaded files into external storage to make the internal capacity still enough to install some more applications from Microsoft Marketplace.

I recently bought a new Windows phone, so I hope to download some MP3 songs for it. See that I am a great music lover and I always enjoy listening to good quality music. I hope you can help me with this one. BTW, if you can suggest free tools to use that would be awesome. Thanks.

The Windows Phone 8S by HTC has the usual stuff. You know, 3.5G support (but only dual band), WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS (and GLONASS) positioning systems. Beats Audio is a nice enhancement for music playback, but ultimately this is a run-of-the-mill smartphone that has the peculiar disadvantage of having approximately zero downloadable applications (at the moment).

The Beats Audio adds a little touch of magic to the HTC range of hardware. We've always approached products with the Beats branding with caution and believed the technology to be nothing more than a gimmick, but after using the HTC 8X or 8S you can clearly hear the difference (so long as you pair the device with a half-decent pair of headphones). It's a nice feature to have in a smartphone, especially since many consumers rely on said devices for music playback.

The generous SkyDrive allowance, not to mention the option of streaming music over WiFi and data connectivity with Xbox Music helps to soften the blow, but that 4GB limit will always be there. Note the system takes about 2GB (reported on our unit) so be prepared to have only 1-2GB free when apps and photos are loaded.

Live Tiles are the heart and soul of Windows Phone, and no other phone has them. People can arrange the iconic Start screen however they want by pinning their favorite people, apps, music, games, photos and more. Three sizes of Live Tiles and 20 bright color choices including cobalt, crimson and lime mean you can personalize your Start screen to be unmistakably yours.

4 Compatible devices (Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox 360) and Internet access or data connection required; carrier fees apply. Xbox Music Pass (sold separately) required for music not purchased from the Xbox Music Store. On Xbox 360, content is streaming only and requires an Xbox LIVE Gold membership (sold separately). See

Waa in aad ka heli barnaamijyo badan laakiin waxaan u soo jeedin lahaa in aad isku daydo inaad la Wondershare Photo Recovery ama Wondershare Photo Recovery for Mac . Barnaamijkan waxa ay awoodaan in ay soo kabsadaan music, sawiro iyo videos ka HTC 8X iyo HTC 8 jir, ma files arrinta lumay ay sabab u tahay tirtirka shil ah, formatting ama xataa musuqmaasuqa. Waxa aad bixisaa version Ibtilo baarista HTC 8X / Rio ama Kaararka SD ah oo iyaga ka hor soo kabasho.

The real advantage to Windows Phone 8 is having the same UI and tools as the desktop/laptop/tablet with SkyDrive integration. I can rough out an article on my desktop, do some polishing with the Surface in another location, and even do some last-minute fixes on my phone. My contacts, calendar, pictures, music, videos, and documents are available at any time on any device. The same applies to any work on the web using IE10.

Microsoft says that they'll have 46 of the top 50 popular apps on their phones. That's cool. But I think of apps as a true long-tail phenomenon. As with music, you probably, if you have good taste, dont care about the top 40--It's the weird stuff you appreciate. Windows Phone continues to be weak on apps and it's not really their fault, but it is important for you to realize if you get into one of these things that you're getting handicapped in this regard. WP8's app choices are the most shallow of any smartphone's, and that will likely make you unhappy. 041b061a72


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