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Elias Perez
Elias Perez

Skyrim Corruption Of Champions Mod

If you reach a bad end and either EZ mode or Debug mode is not enabled, it is possible to escape the bad-end but as a consequence the player loses 1-3 points of each of their stats(excluding corruption,libido,and sensitivity) and whatever ever stat changes the bad-end caused(Example gaining 100 libido due to bad end will stay if you press you nightmare).

Skyrim Corruption Of Champions Mod

Download Zip:

Notes: Males and herms only. Females and genderless get the "Cum Witch' Cum Dump" Bad End instead. Technically this should probably be regarded as winning the game, since it means the demons are defeated and Mareth is again free of corruption. Some selfless players may even feel that a life of endless sex with beautiful, horny women is a price worth paying for achieving such a glorious goal...

Effect: The player's overuse of the Cock Milker triggers lingering settings from its time in the Demon Factory, causing it to initiate procedures to flood the Champion's mind with demonic chemicals and reduce them to a mindless cum-producing beast... Much to Whitney's dismay when she walks in and sees all of the cum that the former Champion is now splashing all over her barn.Players with a sufficiently high score in corruption (90 and above) achieve demonic transformation, whereupon Whitney exiles them from the farm and they wander off in search of people to have sex with.


Feel free to share any pictures, plans or videos of your bar...
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