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I AM THEY - Scars (Official Music Video)

At, our mission is to point you to music that connects the human heart with Jesus in all seasons of life. We are committed to connecting you with your favorite Christian and Gospel artists like never before with unparalleled coverage of new music, an expansive video gallery, and exclusive interviews, album reviews and special event coverage.

I AM THEY - Scars (Official Music Video)

It's the hardest experiences that often shape us the most. While they may be excruciating in the moment, when we persevere, these trials lead to greater character and hope. "Scars" by I Am They sings of this very phenomenon. May we be strengthened by our scars, not broken by them.

Inspired by the Christian musical group I Am They, Scars shows how we are marked by the pain that happens in our lives, but we can praise God in the midst of the storm, and be thankful for our scars, because they show us who Christ is and shapes us.

The group have just announced a change in their lineup. Read a bandstatement, " If you have been to any of our shows since last July, youmay have noticed a new voice in the band. We are proud, honoured andpleased to announce that Abbie Parker has officially joined I Am They. She has aheart of gold and a voice to match! Abbie can be heard on our newradio single, 'Make A Way', and over the next few months you'll beable to get to know her through some videos we'll be posting onlineincluding a new music video for "Make A Way". Stephanie Kulla haschosen to pursue other interests and we wish her the best in her newendeavours."

This song is about the healing process after a traumatic event. It talks about how the scars may never fully go away, but eventually, you learn to live with them and they become a part of your story. It is hopeful and inspiring, reminding us that we are not alone in our journey of healing. 041b061a72


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