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Elias Perez
Elias Perez

OneRepublic - Good Life ^HOT^

I see this song as a great inspiration to live life to the fullest never have any regrets or mistakes hold somebody back. One of my favorite lyrics of the song is "When you're happy like a fool, Let it take you over,When everything is out, You gotta take it in". I think it tells someone to be who you want to be and hold nothing back and be the person that you were meant to be. Also the last part of the song "We are god of stories but please tell me-e-e-e, What there is to complain about. To me personally it opened my eyes and showed me that I am writer of my own story and I shouldn't let petty bullshit ruin my life.. and if I act like a happy fool who doesn't care for what nobody thinks about them then I'm really living a good life..

OneRepublic - Good Life

"Good-Life" by OneRepublic I believe focuses on being the person you want to be and not what others want you to be, because in the song it said "When everything is out, you gotta take it in". I believe it meant that whatever you do, you got to take in the effects of whatever you did so you can take in the feelings expressed. Which leads to the chorus of "Oh, this has gotta be the good life, this has gotta be the good life, this could really be a good life, good life." This song really gave off a lot of feelings, because I never really expressed who I was really. But after this song, I felt like I could do about anything, because its all uplifting and brings a weird feeling in me.

This song is totally about Ryan Tedder's rise to success in the music industry. He has a sweet life, after years of hard work breaking in, and this song celebrates it. It is busy: all the travelling, and friends never know where you are, but when it all comes down to it, you gotta take it in. It passes quick, so enjoy your youth and whatever blessings you receive.Of course, like all good hits, this song has lyrics that can broadly be applied to anyone at any time. For me, this song pops into my head during those sweet, sweet moments that arise, that I savor. Those are the times when I know that life is beautiful and I am lucky to be alive.

I think he is saying that everybody thinks he has the good life, traveling all over and in and out of planes etc, but his friends in LA they don't know he is saying the life he is leading isnt as great as everybody thinks, they think he has the good life

To me it says: does not matter what direction you heading or where you find yourself,or what you did or did not achieve, some people may not know what you went through,but make the best of every moment. You are about to have a good life.

Instead of dwelling on apologies, the band is living more in line with their recent single, "Good Life." We don't mean the stereotypically cavalier lifestyle associated with celebrity. The band is partnering with charities and performing at We Day, Free The Children's cross-Canada youth empowerment event for volunteers.

Drew: Education in general is at the root of what I think the biggest concerns are in the world today. It's where it all starts and ends. Everything starts with people being better educated, whether that be social change or lifestyle or health change. Everything that's happening in the world economically and politically and socially -- world hunger, global warming and girls' education, all of those end up an issue of education, [meaning] a lack of awareness [perpetuates these problems].

I'm 38. My heroes when I was younger stemmed from Fonzie to Hulk Hogan to Evel Knievel. [But my band] have trekked the world with me. These guys motivate me and inspire me to love what I do, to make better decisions in life . . .

Eddie: That I inspired and influenced people to make a change. It's not about me, it's about us: the modern day golden rule. That I motivated and inspired people through music like other bands have done for me -- U2, The Verve -- that inspired me both musically and just in general to do good.

Oh, this has gotta be the good lifeThis has gotta be the good lifeThis could really be a good life, good lifeSay oh, got this feeling that you can't fightLike this city is on fire tonightThis could really be a good lifeA good, good life

HopelesslyI feel like there might be something that I'll missHopelesslyI feel like the window closes, oh, so quickHopelesslyI'm taking a mental picture of you nowCause hopelesslyThe hope is we have so much to feel good about

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In 1975, New York was on the verge of bankruptcy. As quality of life declined, a sizable portion of the wealthier population fled to the suburbs, and more working-class people migrated to the Big Apple in search of opportunity. Residents of the Bronx, who were primarily people of color, suffered the worst from the city's qualms, including austerity cuts and harmful policies. 041b061a72


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