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Raja Rani Movie Online With English Subtitles Youtube 26

However, in an interview during February 2017, Thiagarajan insisted that the film was still being planned with Prashanth in the lead role.[19] In late 2017, Thiagarajan made an application seeking an interim stay of the film's release, claiming that his studio of Staar Movies still owned the film's rights. He stated that Staar Movies had entered into an agreement with the original producers, Viacom, in August 2014 and obtained the rights to remake the movie in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada and that the agreement was valid for a period of three years. In early January 2018, the High Court refused the interim order application and called for the issues to be decided in a civil claim.[20][21]

raja rani movie online with english subtitles youtube 26

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