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Elias Perez
Elias Perez

Moi3d V2 License Key Added [2021]

he told us that moi3d is a lot different than other modeling software in that it doesn't have a learning curve, it is intuitive and very easy to learn. he said that it is important that they only made what is necessary and left out all the things that would make the learning curve too steep.

Moi3d V2 License Key added

he also told us that moi3d is by far the fastest application and the first time he used it, he never looked back. and that it is easy to learn and use. he even told us to use it and he would be more than happy to answer any questions. i thought that was an excellent response. i was very happy to hear that.

in the next iteration of moi3d, we are developing new techniques to make it faster and more efficient, especially for the analysis of massive models. the current implementation can model models consisting of hundreds of thousands of triangles or higher, but it will be possible to scale up the algorithm to millions of triangles with an order of magnitude of improvement. we're also working on parallelization and gpu support, since the current release can't even model the example model at 3 seconds per triangle. of course, we will be targeting this release towards people who just need to model furniture or textiles, like the garment designer example above.

the basic problem was that the user needed more control over the creation of the mesh than the original moi3d application offers. since the application has more functions than just mesh creation, it was decided to give users more control over the mesh creation process.

i use the term "easy 3d modeling" since in the end you can use moi3d for any kind of 3d modeling you need. i don't mean that you can do anything with it but that you can use it for almost anything you might do. with the previously mentioned free version the number of users and the work we have to do is not enough to justify the investment. i think it's the same with a lot of free programs for 3d modeling. in the end most of the users end up buying an expensive 3d modeling program.


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