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Elias Perez
Elias Perez

Archicad Vbe Download BETTER

I meant the text description of the video... which included the link to the Google drive download... does show up on my desktop browser... so I could get to the download page that you show from there. From my iPad/Safari, that description and the link did not show... only user comments. Weird. Sorry for the confusion.

archicad vbe download

Contractors and Architects away from their desks- When sending out documents to bid, a link to a BIMx model can be provided. The model, as a supplement to the drawings, provides additional context for those bidding. Materials, spaces, and context can all be better understood. Many firms have been experimenting with QR codes on construction sets, obviating the need for a separate link to be e-mailed. Using a QR reader on either an Android or iOS device, the BIMx file can be downloaded and viewed directly, whether in the office or at the job site. Some of the QR codes lead not to the full building model, but just portions with higher detail: a kitchen, medical suite, or perhaps a fully-modeled detail of a particularly complex structural intersection. QR codes linked to BIMx models in a set of documents become a great supplement to traditional details. Beyond the construction site, BIMx models loaded onto tablets are great assets at zoning meetings.


Feel free to share any pictures, plans or videos of your bar...
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