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Latina Abuse - Amelia.17

In February 2016, Rosie Rivera published her first book My Broken Pieces: Mending the Wounds From Sexual Abuse Through Faith, Family and Love that discusses her tragic, life-changing experience of sexual abuse at a young age, and shares her story on how faith and the love from her family helped her heal and mend those broken pieces. My Broken Pieces is Rivera's first book that set her free from the trauma and helped her strength while helping other victims of sexual abuse along the way. She is a spokesperson and model for young women who like her, were victims of sexual abuse and shares her story to uplift the pain and create strength in anyone who has been affected by sexual abuse.[7]

Latina Abuse - Amelia.17

Any person can be affected by crime and violence either by experiencing it directly or indirectly, such as witnessing violence or property crimes in their community or hearing about crime and violence from other residents.1 While crime and violence can affect anyone, certain groups of people are more likely to be exposed. For example, the national homicide rate is consistently higher for Black adolescents and young adults than their White counterparts.2 Low-income neighborhoods are more likely to be affected by crime and property crime than high-income neighborhoods.3 Types of violence include, but are not limited to, child abuse and neglect, firearm violence, intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and elder abuse.4 In addition to the potential for death, disability, and other injuries, people who survive violent crime endure physical pain and suffering and may also experience mental distress and reduced quality of life.5,6 Specific examples of detrimental health effects from exposure to violence and crime include asthma, hypertension, cancer, stroke, and mental disorders.7

Individuals can experience different types of violence throughout the lifespan, and the negative health effects of violence can occur at any age. Decades of research has established a connection between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) such as violence or abuse and lifelong health outcomes, including chronic disease and mental disorders.8 Children can be exposed to violence such as bullying or cyberbullying, abuse, or witnessing violence in a variety of settings, including at home or school, online, or in their neighborhoods.9 Children and adolescents exposed to violence are at risk for poor long-term behavioral and mental health outcomes, such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, regardless of whether they are victims, direct witnesses, or hear about the crime.10,11 Research has also shown an association between exposure to violence in childhood and an increased likelihood of experiencing intimate partner violence as an adult.12,13

In adulthood, exposure to violence can also lead to poor health outcomes. For example, women exposed to intimate partner violence have an increased risk of physical health issues such as injuries and mental disorders such as disordered eating, depression, and suicidal ideation.14 Older adults can also experience violence, including elder abuse or intimate partner violence.15 Evidence shows that older adults who experience elder abuse are more likely to experience increased stress and depression or develop fear and anxiety than those who do not experience elder abuse.16

While Paul was distracted by Arizona, Jo was able to find Jenny and warned her of Paul's abusive tendencies. Jenny said that they were happy and denied any abuse, but Jo gave Jenny her card with her cell number on it in case she needed help. While Jo was in the resident's lounge, Paul came to her and said that Jenny told her what Jo had said and gave Paul Jo's card. He told her that he decided to keep it for himself.[35]

When Paul became the victim of a hit-and-run, Jenny assumed that it was Jo who did it and thanked her for it. Jo later went with Jenny to confront Paul and vowed to tell the police about how he abused her. This angered Paul and he and tried to attack her, but hit his head and caused second-impact syndrome, causing his brain to swell and leaving him brain dead. Since Jo was still legally his wife, she was tasked with making his end-of-life decisions, which she used to donate his organs.[36]

Dahlia and Jo took her private exam room and Teddy joined them. They asked if they could call someone, but Abby didn't want to bother her husband on his business trip. Teddy got consent to check for internal injuries with an ultrasound. Jo held her hand throughout the procedure. Teddy diagnosed a tear in her diaphragm, which would require surgery. Abby consented as she really wanted it to be over. Teddy asked Jo to speak privately, but Abby refused to let her go. Suspicious of a possible sexual assault, Teddy had Dahlia book an OR and inform the nurses to hold off on antibiotic prep as to not erase any evidence. The doctors offered to get her a counselor, but Abby didn't want any more doctors. Abby continued to make up excuses for her bruises. Jo then bluntly said she thought her husband was abusing her, possibly sexually assault. Abby firmly defended her husband and asked to be taken to the OR. Jo stressed that that would mean washing away all the evidence. Abby denied she had anything to report. Jo informed her they could gather the evidence and seal it away until she was ready to report the assault. Abby said women are never believed. She admitted she was raped after getting drunk at a bar after a fight with her husband with laundry, but the short skirt and tequila would make it all her fault while her rapist's drink would be his excuse. Abby broke down and said the kit wouldn't prove that she wasn't flirting or that she wasn't making this up to cover up her cheating on her husband. Jo, still holding Abby's hand, then shared how her husband abused her for years. She, too, was convinced no one would believe her. She never had the chance to hold him responsible so she couldn't imagine what Abby was feeling at the moment, but one day, she might feel different and want justice. Jo just wanted her to have everything she would need to get it. Abby said her husband could never find out and then consented to the evidence kit. Jo continued to hold her hand as Abby consented to every step of the kit. As soon as it was over, Abby started shaking and sobbing and Jo comforted her.

We stand in solidarity with the thousands of victims, named and unnamed, whom predatory priests, protected by the willing silence of many bishops, have raped, abused, brainwashed, traumatized, and dehumanized. We stand with those driven to alcoholism and drug addiction, to mental illness and suicide. We grieve with their families and communities.

Aimee Linda SloanEx Student for 12 years, last school Notre Dame/ Bishop Gibbons. Also was in school at several other catholic schools including Our Lady of Mt.Carmel where I was abused by a nun and the priest, father Mancuso, was removed for sexual abuse. All of my schools are in Schenectady, NY.

Keep speaking out & taking actions to end this cancer within our Church. It is ironic that this atom bomb of a scandal fell on us at the same time that Dr. Richard Sipe died. Dr. Sipe has been doing research on sexual abuse by priests and bishops for years.He was frustrated that the Bishops & Cardinals turned a deaf ear to him. It will be extremely difficult, but we must ALL work together to excise this cancer from OUR CHURCH. Peace,John SheehanCORPUS

She debuts in the first short film, giving one of her history of magic classes, teaching about how Ley Lines and Sorcerer's Stones work. Akko ends up sleeping in the middle of the class, which leads the teacher to awaken her abruptly with her magic. After quoting an old saying about the abuse of magic, she scolds Akko to take the history of magic seriously.. She is present again in Episode 1 during the academy's opening ceremony, and is amongst the teachers looking over to Ursula in Episode 2 when she unintentionally interrupted the teachers' meeting.

Li Moe currently works with a non-governmental organization educating people about HIV and AIDS. She also wants to create a foundation that will provide general education to young children in rural areas. According to her bio, she works to raise awareness for issues including child abuse, child marriage, and human trafficking.

She's currently a tech entrepreneur, according to her Miss Universe bio, and is working toward a degree in computer information systems. In her spare time, she also works with the Royal Police Force to educate young people about cyberbullying and abuse.


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