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Elias Perez ? Using Enter Key In A Textbox To Trigger A Button Event As Well As Set Focus And Select T

A great focus management example is the react-aria-modal. This is a relatively rare example of a fully accessible modal window. Not only does it set initial focus onthe cancel button (preventing the keyboard user from accidentally activating the success action) and trap keyboard focus inside the modal, it also resets focus back to the element that initially triggered the modal. – Using enter key in a textbox to trigger a button event as well as set focus and select t

I had a problem on focusing the textbox during async postback upon key enter using IE 10 or 11. Sometimes the text box is being locked and needs to click outside of the textbox and click again the textbox to bring back the focus.

The expectation will be, everytime the user will hit enter inside the textbox then it will automatically have an async postback then it will focus and select again the text inside the textbox. Hence, There will be a javascript alert called before the setfocus during asycn postback.

Approach: First, We need to select the form. This is done using the query selector: $("#form-id") Now, we need to handle the form submission process. For this purpose, we use event handling. Since we need whether the user presses the enter key, we add an event listener on every keypress event: on("keypress", function (event) )

First of all, import the TKinter module. After importing, setup the application object by calling the Tk() function. This will create a top-level window (root) having a frame with a title bar, control box with the minimize and close buttons, and a client area to hold other widgets. The geometry() method defines the width, height and coordinates of the top left corner of the frame as below (all values are in pixels): window.geometry("widthxheight+XPOS+YPOS") The application object then enters an event listening loop by calling the mainloop() method. The application is now constantly waiting for any event generated on the elements in it. The event could be text entered in a text field, a selection made from the dropdown or radio button, single/double click actions of mouse, etc. The application's functionality involves executing appropriate callback functions in response to a particular type of event. We shall discuss event handling later in this tutorial. The event loop will terminate as and when the close button on the title bar is clicked. The above code will create the following window:

Important: This method does not trigger the focusout event of the input.This can affect the floating label functionality.To overcome this behavior, manually invoke the refresh method of the Floating Label: $("#textbox").data("kendoTextBox").floatingLabel.refresh();


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